Friday, January 16, 2009

One Crazy Week

On the morning of the 14th, the day I got the horrible call from Linn, I started my day feeling so great. For that day marked one year since we were chosen for Lucy. That day had been the biggest day of roller coaster emotions that I had ever experienced...much like it was one year later.

I think that there are some things that God works out for us that all can see....and then some things that you simply ponder in your heart. We being chosen for Lucy (our of 148 families) was both of those things for me. Others greatly rejoiced with us that day but there was a moment I had with the Lord (just before getting "the call") that I will never quite be able to describe to anyone with mere words. It was a moment of worship/surrender/trust/awe/brokenness....and more. There is a song that was playing at that very moment...Todd Agnew's "Our Great God." It struck the very deepest part of me, realizing in my desperate sadness that God is in fact, Great....and I don't use that word flippantly, I caught a glimpse of just how Holy He is. I can't even talk (or write) about it without weeping.
Our first picture of Lucy.....

And on Wednesday when I was trying to do whatever I could go help Linn (blog sitting), I was working on one of my updates for her when that song came on. I was struck once again, sensing God's greatness...and His holiness. It was once again, comforting and peaceful.

I wish I could know why things like this happen to good people; godly people. I wish I knew why God was so sweetly gracious to us giving us Lucy. There are some things we will never know until we meet Him face to face. But what I do know is that in everything we are to praise Him and in everything we are to bring Him glory. And so I do.

And I take great hope in knowing that I truly believe that God is going to turn this horrific situation that the Saunders family has endured, and make it something wonderful and I can't wait to watch it all unfold.
Isaiah Saunders and Lucy


Lisa said...

Thanks Lori for all your updates and for always sharing your heart.

Newark, Ohio

Jaime said...

beautiful post.
something i love about God is how he uses music to teach us. when we got in the car after Jax's mom surrendered her parental rights, "Praise You In This Storm" came on. And I have heard it so many more times, times of joy and times of heartache.
But such a good lesson, Praise Him and bring glory to Him in all circumstances. Which is what we all will do for the Saunders' family.
God is good, and he uses our brokeness and hurts to help others.

Amy said...

God bless your family, Lori, as you celebrate a wonderful milestone in your life with Lucy. You were meant for each other from the beginning of time.

Love and All Best Wishes,

Nicole A. said...

Hi there. I was wondering something similar, wondering why and how all that is happening to such a wonderful family, is happening at all. But it is not my place to question it, I realize, so I too will wait to see the abundance of good that I pray will somehow come of this week for them. Thanks so much for the updates! (And that Lucy was such a beauty even back then!)

All the best,
Nicole A. in OH

Susan said...

Lori, I actually believe I saw that picture of Lucy on a list?? How could you EVER forget that beautiful face?!
I would have been #149 if I could have! :) She is wonderful!

Debby said...

Lori...what a beautiful post. What a wondefrul anniversary.


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