Saturday, January 17, 2009

Sorry, More Basketball & Other Stuff

I could just kick myself because I already have way more basketball pics of Nick than Bren, then to boot, I forgot to bring my camera to B's game last night! And it was an awesome gym with awesome lighting (this photographer needs all the help she can get). Grrr. So I will just post some pics from N's last game.

Also, at the game last night Lucy started out rather cranky (but who isn't at this point in the bball season?), with a slight cold. Well, as the night wore on, Miss Lu wore OUT! She started coughing, eyes/nose running. Poor little pumpkin. So thankfully, I had driven separately from K and we headed home early.

Sometime around 2ish this AM she woke up wanting in Baba's bed (apparently I am only a guest there and have no rights to claim it as my own). And for the first time, she actually slept with us for the "duration" of the night (while I happily dangled off the edge of "my" side of Baba's bed). Around 5 AM she woke up, full of energy and announced, "Mama! I want noodles!" I put her off just a bit then she insisted we get up. Now, it's almost 7 AM...she's fast asleep on the couch & I'm here, sort of wide awake only due to my drug of choice (COFFEE). A nap in Baba's bed is in my future for today.

Nick working his magic

Lucy LOVING the band at the game!! Remember those enthusiastic dance moves for class on Monday Lu!!

Lucy helping Baba keep stats.

B's favorite fan gets a kiss!

These boys WILL come back to watch Lucy play someday...they owe her a lot of bleacher time!

Sweet girl whose mother apparently never wipes her messy mouth
Today is my sweet grandpa's 89th birthday!!! Happy Birthday Papa!!
I just got an email from him and he said the key to living long is to keep having birthdays! Brilliant!


Mom Of Many said...

Sweet pictures! And I love that it's Baba's bed...too cute! xo

Beth said...

I recently found your blog and am so happy I did. You have a beautiful family and are an amazing woman. Thanks for sharing your family with us. Besides Lucy being absolutely adorable she is a true gift from God.

Nancy said...

Sounds like you got your sense of humor from your papa.

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