Thursday, January 15, 2009


PLEASE PRAY...I just received a phone call that the Saunders are heading to the hospital as they think that their son Graham is having an appendicitis attack. Please, pray.

The Saunders Family (minus Tyler, Abigail and Ryan)

I must say that I am really overwhelmed by the amount of support we are getting from all over the country. I appreciate all your emails & I hope I have given adequate information.

The Saunders are devastated but taking it moment by moment. They are having to do an extensive inventory of the contents in their home (or what's left). This will be painstaking as you can imagine. Please pray for them as they endure this process.

I received this email from one of Linn's friends regarding Extreme Home Makeover...

I have some great news and wondering if you can spread the news on your blog. I think you and Linn share a lot of the same bloggy friends. A LOT of of people are sending applications to Extreme HOme Makeover on behalf of the Saunders family. We are putting one together here in Colorado but if you could let Linn's blog community know of this move on people's hearts. Even if they don't want to fill out the application... they could write a letter to Extreme Home Makeover on behalf of the Saunders family... it would be greatly appreciated. They can get information on where and how to send an app or letter to at this location.

Your support on this would be tremendous!!!

ALSO: I AM NOT HAVING ANY LUCK WITH THE CHIPIN ACCOUNT! I have no idea what's going on as I have set them up before with no problems. Please know that I am working hard on it!! In the meantime, you can mail your cash, gift cards or clothing donations to the church address:

The River Church
Saunders Fire
860 Plymoth Dr.
Durango, CO 81301-4755


**I think at the MOMENT, clothing donations aren't needed until they sort through what they have already received. I will update you if further donations are needed in this area.
Elizabeth: 3T
Elijah: 24 months
Isaiah: 4T or 5
Liberty: 10
Emma: women's size 0
Graham: pants, 32/32 shirt, men's medium


Anonymous said...

I saw in the comments section on another post to make the check out to the church but put Saunders Family in your memo line.
If someone could give Lori the kids sizes to put in the body of the post, that would help too. I saw a few of the sizes in a comment but I think a lot of people scan these & don't really "read" them.

Lisa C. said...

Oh I cannot believe that there is yet something else for this family to have to endure today. We are praying for Graham as well today. Please Lord hear our cries, LIsa C.

Jaime said...

I want to thank you for being such a great friend to Linn. I am so glad that she is blessed by having you in her life, to help her through these trials, to know that she is continually in your prayers; that you are continually "going to bat" for her in so many ways. Thank you for providing all of this information to teh reast of her blogger friends, so that we too can help. I'm sure you're stressed and heart broken and tiring, but keep it up! You are doing amazing things for God and for the Saunders family. You will be blessed.

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