Thursday, January 15, 2009

Another Update...Another Blog!

UPDATE: I just got a text message from Linn saying that they just took Graham into surgery. She is completely overwhelmed. Your $$ contributions are so needed and appreciated but what they need most is for everyone to get on their knees and flood heaven with prayers. This family can't take any more.

First of all, I just checked with Dw & Linn's church and they ARE receiving your contributions through ChipIn EVEN THOUGH it isn't showing up on my blog. And from what I hear, the donation total is quite generous!!! THANK YOU!!!!

My good friend Lynsay has set up a blog exclusively for the Saunders and the fire situation. PLEASE leave comments there saying what the Saunders mean to YOU...even if you only know them via the internet!! We will use this blog to refer the Extreme Home Makeover people to so they can see what awesome people the Saunders are and how MANY people they touch. Click HERE for the link!

Thanks!! I will update you as I get more information.

**the mailing address for contributions is in the previous post. Thanks!!


Lisa said...

Thanks so much for the updates. I keep checking every little bit. Call if there is anything I can do.

Newark, Ohio

Chelley said...

I have tried with the paypal link but it wont work?

Lisa C. said...

Thank you for updating! Please let us know when Graham is out of surgery. Thanks again, Lisa C.

Anonymous said...

I contributed to the chip in fund last night. Unfortunately I'm not in a position to do much, but there were no donations when I clicked on it and I donated $10. It now says $25 but it also says there is only one donor. Could you please check that my donation came through? If it didn't, I want to contact PayPal right away and get it sorted out. Thank you! annika*at*

Amie@HeartSmiles said...

Lori- got your e-mail, If you are availbable, I will call you tomorrow. I will e-mail you too, but my e-mail has been funky lately, and I wanted to make sure you knew I would be calling.


p.s. please update as soon as you hear something about Graham. :)

btw- Chip in can be funky. When we had on up for a raffle we were doing, it often did not show the correct total. And it was off by ALOT! So please keep donating! It will get there!!

Anjanette said...
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