Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Extreme Home Make Over!!

UPDATE: For some reason the ChipIn isn't showing any of your contributions...I am looking into it & apologize for the delay.

Also, I talked to Linn last night and she is doing ok. Her heart is broken...though we all know her well enough to know that her heart is not fixed on materials posessions but her little home where she and Dw love on their children, share many, many laughs with friends and family, and open to whomever needs a place to stay, is now pretty much gone. She said it's also the little things like her favorite quilt that simply can't be replaced. She has asked that we please pray that things like videos of their children will somehow be found. This is an amazingly strong woman but this has really hit her hard as we can all imagine. Please continue to flood heaven with your prayers that God would immediately start to turn this around.

And thank you for your great comments! Keep them coming! Let's flood ABC with support for this great family!! We need you to tell them how awesomely deserving they are of a brand new home!!!

Great minds think alike...well, we all must have super great minds!!! So many of you have commented & emailed that this idea was lurking in your brains today!! Woo Hoo!! My sweet friend Lynsay has already got the ball rolling by filling out the application!!

NOW, we need you to send your comments here or on her BLOG saying WHY the Saunders deserve an EXTREME HOME MAKE OVER!!!! Come on folks, let's do this for our FAVORITE BLOG FAMILY!!!!!


Rachel said...

The Saunders are an amazing family who have given unselfishly in a way that CHANGES lives.

They have a heart for children and have lovingly parented little ones from all over the world.

They have just returned from Africa with their Christmas presents of two beautiful children. They spent four wonderful days with their son who is set to deploy overseas again with the special forces.

And another little girl will be joining them from China this spring.

The story of this incredible family has taken a devastating turn.

Just this morning they stood helplessly and watched their home burn while 15 fire trucks battled the blaze.

They escaped with the clothes on their backs. Miraculously, the family is intact and unharmed. Though they are heartbroken to have lost everything that is familiar to them, they have still remained grateful that their loved ones are safe.

When their special little girl from China joins them this spring, they will have seven children at home. Wherever home is then.

Please consider this family as a deserving candidate for an Extreme Makeover.

Carla said...

Thanks so much for being such a great friend to Linn and keeping us all updated throughout the day. My heart aches for all of them.

On a positive note - EHM - Great idea! Bring on the blessings!

Keri said...

Although I have never met the Saunders family, I know they are a family that is full of love. They give of themselves to their children and they are an encouragement to families everywhere. Pastor Saunders gave up a career in law to pursue a call in ministry and he and Linn have been ministering ever since. This couple has a deep love for children and they have opened their home and their hearts to children from all over.
When the Saunders home went up in flames on January 14, they lost so much that money can't replace. Their two youngest children were just becoming used to their new surroundings after being adopted from Uganda and now all that was once familiar, is lost. For children who have experienced so much change in so little time, this is a huge adjustment. Fortunately they have wonderful parents and siblings to help them with this, but the difficulties of having to rebuild a home and the time it will take away from the children will be a burden for sure. This spring, the Saunders are adding another little girl from China to their family. How wonderful it would be if she had a room to come home to. Please consider this amazing family for an Extreme Home Make Over!

sierrasmom said...

Some people give and some people GIVE. The Saunders are a family that GIVES in a big way. Their love of orphans have taken them around the world bringing orphans home to their cabin in Colorado.These children, their sons and daughters, will now have a new chance for a better life. Although the love of their family lives in all of their hearts, they do need a place to keep these children warm and safe. Few deserves a Home Makeover more thatn the Saunders family.

jennifer said...

I have some gift cards from my wedding I can send them. Do you know a P.O. Box or an address I could send them to?

Denise said...

I only recently found their blog, so I was devastated to hear about the fire. I just posted for prayers on my blog. This family with all they have given sure would be worthy of a home makeover and the sooner the better.

Thank you for how you are helping~

Janet and Kevin said...

As new adoptive parents ourselves, we so love to read the Saunder's blog posts describing in detail their hopes, fears, and struggles as they continue to adopt children into their family with God's help and blessing. Their hearts are open wide to orphan children around the globe. Many, many posts have been devoted to encouraging others to do the same. They continue to pursue adoption even as they don't always have the financial resources to do so,solely leaning on God to pave the way. Their example inspires us all.

After learning of the devastating fire that took their home and shelter from them and their beautiful children, many of the blog friends have wanted to help them in some way. We feel that this family is so deserving of an extreme home makeover because of their tireless devotion to bring more orphans into a loving home and family.

Their two newest children, recently adopted from Africa and just now beginning to feel at home, will quickly need another home to help them adjust and attach to their new family. And their little daughter waiting in China desparately will need to come home to a home.

Please won't you consider this family for an extreme home makeover?

Janet and Kevin Bourke

Carol said...

I know of the Saunders' family through Lori's blog. Lori is our daughter and loves this family dearly. Recently, their families visited at the cabin in Colorado and laughter was heard all the way to Kansas!

My brother and his wife lost their beautiful home to a fire several years ago. It took precious family momentos, pictures, etc. Precious memories that cannot be replaced. It is a devastating event for any family.

The Saunders would be ideal candidates for Extreme Home Make Over! They are extending themselves to the world community by taking in orphans from different countries...orphans who need a home.

In the beautiful setting of Colorado, the Saunders built their log cabin as a refuge for those who need a family and a home. Their spirit is intact but their home not. Let's show the world how special this family is by giving them an Extreme Home Make Over! We all will be blessed.

God Bless,


Chris said...

I can't build them a home,but I CAN make quilts...does anyone know what her quilt looked like?? and can they send me a photo? or word description.

Chris Weaver

Anonymous said...

My friend told me about this family and all of the love they are extending to children around the world. I can't think of a more deserving family to receive a new home!


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