Friday, January 30, 2009

Glad I'm Not Alone!!

Well, I tell ya what...if I had known that by the end of the day I would have so many of you telling me of your own laundry woes, I wouldn't have worked so hard to get mine all put away!! Now I simply must tell you about a conversation I had with Lucy while doing so....

Lucy, "Mama, where are my boobies??"
Me...ignoring her, trying not to lose it with laughter.
Me, "Well Lucy...your boobies are under your shirt, they are just very, very tiny."
Lucy, "Oh, Ok. Fine."

I guess I should have known that was coming after a trip to WM where she, while in the shopping cart & with both little hands, grabbed mine and said, "Mama's Boobies!!!"
AAAAHHHH!!!! The boys were right there, beet red and laughing hysterically!!

Ok back to laundry. I feel so free knowing you all are right there with me. So now I feel I owe you another apology for jumping ahead of you by leaving no traces of laundry piles around my house....please know that I won't snub you or pretend to be better than whose homes are decorated with colorful mounds of clothing, linens & other assorted fabric items. Truth is, I'll be right back there with you within a matter of days. Now, would you please make me feel less alone about my perpetual dirty bathrooms???

**I told K-man about my conversation with Lucy...he said that she better not get any boobies until she is at least 30!!


Lisa said...

BATHROOMS!!! That is a whole other subject. With 3 boys in my house, you can only imagine what our bathrooms look like.

I refuse to go in there bathroom at all. It is groose and I leave that up to my husband. Sometime I wonder why we have toilets in them too. LOL

You are not alone again.

Newark, Ohio

Holly said...

Ha! Yep, perpetual dirty bathrooms here.

I LOVE the boobies story! So hilarious! Here's mine. We were in a hotel recently, and someone had left an undergarment hanging over the shower rod. Yes, gross, I know. So, later, my 4 year old, Ben, was telling his brothers about our find. He said, "you know, the thing ladies put around their milk?" HA!

Chris said...

Ah yes, girls ask the most wonderful things. I had 3 boys first, now the girls just notice different things.

Bathrooms yuck!


JR said...

Oh my goodness! That Lucy is somethin' else! Not to mention cute as a button!! I find your life (well, your entries) to be so entertaining........

Just for the record, my favorite story to date is definitely Lucy's recent "dance" class - absolutely hysterical!!

Blessings to you from Durango!

Jean said...

I get the boobie questions, too. They're always lifting up their shirts checking out if there has been any changes. Hopefully not for a long time! I think that was the first thing Sarah noticed about me. Are all women in China flat chested? (I used to be until I gained a little weight!)

carie said...

My Makenna always asked about my "nibbles"
off to do laundry...
xx, Carie

Paula said...

My biggest "pet peeve" in a bathroom would on the floor!!!!!!!!! Guess whose hair I'm always wiping up?!!!!!! Mine!! SO disgusting--but can't find a remedy--maybe a maid? Loved Lucy's question!! Addie took in an eyeful at church Wed. night. A little boy snuck into the bathroom while Addie and another little girl were pottying--Addie was finished--I was turned to help the other little girl. I turned back to check on Addie--the little boy was now in her place standing with his pants down using the potty--Addie was opposite of him standing next to the toilet saying "Wow" as she watched a perfect arch of pee make it's way to the target. I just about fell over right there in that little bathroom from gut wrenching giggles. Ahh.. the never ceasing joys of toddlers!

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