Thursday, January 29, 2009

Laundry Gone dirty little secret revealed.

Who was it that did an entire post on how she faithfully changes her sheets twice a week giving the illusion that she is a neat-freak and has the whole housework thing under complete control..?? What? It was me?? Well, please accept my apology for my deception. Yes, it's true that I try to change my sheets frequently but honestly, that is the only thing I do regularly to keep my house running smoothly. Well, I do insist on my kitchen being clean (most of the time) AND if I know someone is stopping by I will have my house neat as a pin (at least the parts they will see)....but other than that, I am truly a horrible housekeeper. There. I said it.

So it is with pride swallowed and embarrassment fully in tact that I reveal my laundry laziness.

Yes, that is laundry stacked high...frighteningly high. **sigh**

What's this? Another stack...or two? can this be? How can I let this happen?? Why don't I just PUT IT AWAY??? I do laundry everyday. And I wouldn't dream of leaving clean laundry unfolded in a pile somewhere (I do have a shred of integrity you know)...but my naughty little secret is that I leave stacks of clean folded laundry in various locations of my house (kitchen table, my dresser, Lucy's bed, the boys' rooms...but that is THEIR problem). So my goal is that by the time I post whatever wackiness I can think of for tomorrow, I will have my laundry put away. Gulp. Yes, I WILL. Maybe.

Here are some pics from Nick's last game....sorry if this is boring to you but my life is ho-hum & you apparently find it at least slightly amusing or you wouldn't be here....or perhaps my life makes you feel better about your own. Probably even more so after this post.

**Now, head over to my good friend Jean's blog becaue her house always looks wonderfully put together (though photos can be deceiving). AND she has the most beautiful family, including a sweet 8 year old girl just home from China!!


Karen said...

We must be laundry twins:-) I have the same problem except mine is all in one place. I just can't make myself walk the few steps to put it in the kids rooms:-) I just got a new washer and dryer (the BIG kind) so I hope less loads might get me moving:-)

Lisa said...

I thought I was the only one who left clean laundry sitting around. I am so glad to know that it is not just me. I get it all washed and dryed, but what happens after that you never know.


Chris said...

My laundry pile can top your laundry pile!
I try to have all the laundry put away by Sat nite, but somehow....
Hey at least they have clean clothes to wear, who needs it in the closets anyway?


Jean said...

Awwww- thanks for the plug! Johnny's room is often filled with stacks of clean laundry NOT put away! Drives me crazy! I am actually buried in laundry myself- arghhhhh- it really needs to get done. What really drives me crazy is when the shirts are folded and in the dirty clothes- I don't get how that happens but my kids do it. Clean clothes back in the laundry- don't I deserve a little respect around here. (I'm throwing in a little rodney dangerfield!) I need to get my boys doing laundry! Then they'll get it!
Hey I'm stuck on an odd number of followers again- can anybody help me out?

Jaime said...

i've got you beat. in my room, i have a pac-n-play over flowing with clean UNFOLDED laundry. and i won't even tell you about the laundry room. you are way ahead of me.

Durango Palmers said...

Didn't you know that laundry and dishes have babies? You leave them there alone for too long and the family will grow! It happens in my house all the time. I think I have 3 loads of unfolded, clean laundry on my couch right now - calling out to me!

Holly said...

Yes. I am another laundry twin. Although, my clean clothes are not always folded neatly in piles. Typically they are piled on the couch until I fold them, and then they sit folded neatly in baskets until they get put away.

Sarah the Kool Kid said...

Lol, well I know of a way to take some work off your shoulders. My parents make us kids sort, fold, and put away our laudry, so all they have to do is wash it!

Lynsay said...

It isn't fair for you to even think about clean folded laundry as being bad, I think that is great, they have gotten one step closer to being done! In my house I am lucky to get them folded before they need worn!! Love ya!

Nicole A. said...

Hey, at least it's clean! We actually got rid of our guest bed a couple of years ago because I would stack all the clean, folded laundry on it, and it would stay there until it got worn again! Ugh.

Now I just try to put it on the kitchen counter or someplace where it will really get in my way thereby forcing me to get it to the right room where it will eventually go into the right closet/drawer/bin, at least.

My boys are 6 and 8 ... aren't they old enough to put away their own laundry yet?! I think my 3yo daughter will be able to do it before they will. :-)

All the best,
Nicole A. in OH

Melly said...

Augh. I am so with ya on that one. We used to be SO bad about folding it and would have a good 5 or 6 loads piled in the corner. Thankfully, at least now we fold it before letting it pile. ;)

Your little girl is so adorable posing in that pic! :(

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