Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Whew. Yesterday was a crazy day. First, let me say that as the Saunders are constantly on my mind, my little mishaps pale in comparison and leave me thankful for my problems being so small. So, priorities in check, here is how my day went down....

I woke up determined that Nick and I would get a lot of school work done, catching up on some things that we were behind on. I had also planned on going to WM to get groceries...and I wanted to go do some other shopping to pick up a few things for the Saunders (WE ARE GOING TO SEE THEM THIS WEEKEND!!).

Reality changed my plans after I found out about my fingerprints. SO, I hurried to get myself showered & ready to go. During that time, Lucy decided that covering her face with vaseline would be a splendid idea...then rummaged through my make up to cover her slick new face with blush, applied with an eyeshadow wand. **big sig** Isn't she cute.

We headed out the door...dropped Nick off at his science class then went to the KBI. What a friendly group of people...seriously! I had called them earlier in the day to discuss our situation & when I arrived they were waiting for me, got me right in & did my prints (digitally this time). Two different people looked at them to make sure they were good. Then I paid (again...grrr...but I didn't even blink at it because I just WANT MY GIRL!) the fee. The lady told me she was going to hand deliver the prints to where they needed to go and try to get everything cleared up and in the mail back to our agency by Friday!! WHEW! We shall see. Thank you for your prayers & sweet comments!

Then we zipped home...I cleaned my kitchen real quick like then took B to his basketball game. N, in the meantime, was at his practice (THANKS MARTHA!! BTW, tell Emily that I get to hand deliver her generous donation to the Saunders!!).

Ok, I need to wrap this up because who really cares about my moment-by-moment day?? Lucy had several complete melt-downs (that's where the power struggles came into play) at Brenden's games. In her defense, we did a lot of running around and her only nap was in the car but what triggered the tantrums at the game was that she wouldn't say PLEASE when she asked me for candy....it was a battle I CHOSE and probably shouldn't have. So, we ended up leaving after the first game (she did end up getting the candy).

This scene was all too common last night...notice her shirt...hmmm.

I HAD to go by WM to get at least a few things. I was exhausted as I pulled into the parking lot & literally prayed for a close parking space. Sure enough, just as I got close to the store, a lady pulled out, leaving me a great spot. I said, "Thank you Jesus!" And Lucy said, "Xie Xie Jesus" (thank you in Mandarin) OH MY HOW CUTE IS THAT!!!

We got through the store successfully. Oh and right there in the store Lucy did some of her dance moves that she "learned" in class. Of course she did.

B's game...only got a few pics. His games are so fast paced that I have a hard time! If he would just be still for a second!

Do you see the lengths I must go to to get my own picture in my own blog??

Nick had an awesome game on Monday night & I love taking pics in this gym
Welcome to the scoreboard 3 points!


Melissa said...

I can sympathize my little boy (from Guatemala) covered his whole body in vaseline. LOL Not to fun. He was so slippery I couldnt hardly get him in the bath tub.LOL
I think its awesome you are going too see Linns family.
I hope this time there is no trouble with your fingerprints.

Lisa said...

Sounds like a fun filled day. I hope and pray that your fingerprints have no trouble this time.
I am so jealous that you are going to see Linn and family this weekend. I know you will guys will have a blessed time. I am sure you will have some great blog stories to tell. Have a safe trip.

Newark, Ohio

Holly said...

You are going to visit Linn? That is so wonderful!!

I'm glad my kids aren't the only ones who have meltdowns, and I love the part about Lucy doing dance moves in the store. Love it!
See, you are getting your money's worth!

Have a great day!

Chris said...

OK now you have one more follower, Here I've been checking your blog all week and when I saw the Morning Star thing at the top I just figured you haven't had time to update. Where you get the time to update I have not figured, but your Lucy sounds like my Faith, who is currently taking a nap instead of having a play date, because of a melt down probably caused by a shopping trip to WM.

Anonymous said...

I am happy to say I solved your problem with ballet class. I was reading your JTM entries. In one of them, when you had been sent updated info on Lucy before bringing her home, it says plainly "can dance". Duh, she doesn't need the class - she already knows how. Whew, glad I could clear that up for you!!
T in KY

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