Thursday, January 22, 2009

We Are Here!!

Hi everyone! Just thought I'd let you know that we drove all night long and we are finally in Durango! We are exhausted so this will be short.

When we were just an hour away from our final destination Lucy threw up all over herself AND me! Nick was completely grossed out but I assured him that he needed to get over it cause it WILL happen to him someday! Along with being peed on, pooped on, sneezed on, so on and so on! I got Lu changed and she felt a lot better....then did it all over again. But since then she has acting just fine. Car sick I guess!

As we came into town we stopped by WM to get a few groceries since our hotel room has a kitchen. We checked out and grabbed our bags and I heard a gal say, "Lori!!" I looked at her, not recognizing her at all but thinking that maybe I went to highschool with her and I was trying to crank my fuzzy memory but couldn't place her. She said, "I recognize you from your blog! I'm Linn's friend!" Oh my goodness. How funny is that! And a little creepy! :)

So we got to our hotel & ran into Dw, Linn & family. SO GREAT TO SEE THEM!!! And they all look so good. We are going to have dinner with them after we rest up.

Ok, my family is harassing me that I am already blogging so I better go. Plus, it's almost 1 PM and I still haven't brushed my teeth for the day. A full shag carpet is setting in on my choppers.

**Oh and to my friends and family...Lucy dropped my cell phone in a glass of apple juice and now it is toast. Call/text Kel's cell or email me. :)


Lisa said...

Have fun in Durango. Wish I was there with you. Tell the boys you have to keep us bloggers a little updated each day.

Enjoy your time with Linn and family.

Newark, Ohio

Anonymous said...

That sucks about your phone!

Have fun in Durango!

Jaime said...

so glad you made it there safely (sorry it involved vomit though). eeks.
have a great time during the fun parts, and cry your eyes out for the heartreaking parts.

Carla said...

What's a family trip w/o some type of bodily fluids... Good thing motherhood offers so much more!

Have a great time in Durango w/ Linn and family - I'm so thankful you are able to be there to support and have fellowship w/ them - tears and laughter included!

Sally- That Girl! said...

Glad to see you made it. Give Linn a big hug from me to her!!!!! Wish we could make the trip too!

The Bachville Times said...

Hey Lori,

We just got home from the game - we won!!!! It was intense because they brought in a few big/tall kids that didn't play against us the first time we played them. Refs weren't horrible, but not the best either.

The girls won and it was a nail-biter! Some rough playing girls on the other team - they deserved to lose.

Glad to be home with a win. Missed you and your family but glad you are there helping out Linn and family. Take care and travel safely home. See you soon!!

Jean said...

I am so glad you are in Durango! Please give Linn a big hug from me! I am sure you will be a day brightener to them! My phone is dead, too. The cause of death is unknown... except Sarah says to me- I'm sorry. I think she is sorry for me BUT sometimes I wonder if she knows more! (since she is the larger version of your sweet Lucy!)
My prayers are with all of you in Durango!
Blessings sent from MN!

Chris and Sarah said...

I am so glad you are with her. Give her a hug from her blogger friends.

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