Monday, December 1, 2008

Six Months!!!

I simply can't believe it but today marks 6 months since Gotcha Day!!!! I am completely blown away by this little girl. When I look back on that day that...she was so full of fear, it seems impossible that now she is confident, curious, and oh-so-joyful! The amount of English she is speaking is simply amazing. You would think that she has been here from birth. It's really amazing what God has done in her little life in such a short time.

"Thank you Lord for this brave little girl that you put on my heart on that March morning a year and a half ago. It seemed like a crazy idea, it seemed impossible...the fear and obstacles were huge to me. The doubts and selfishness that tried to creep in to keep us from her make me shudder now. Thank you for keeping me focused on being obedient to adopt. Thank you Father for our Lucy that I can't imagine my life without. To You I give all the GLORY."


Holly said...

Those pictures are just precious! We are getting close to our referral, and I am praying that God will have a wonderful experience waiting for us, just like you have had! But of course, whatever God has for us will be just right. : )

Jean said...

Lucy has grown so much with her new family! It gets me excited to see where Sarah will be at in 6 month!

Blessings from China!

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