Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Don't Forget...

My BBB (best blogging buddy) Linn is in Uganda, as most of you know. She is understandably nervous as can be...who wouldn't be? She is asking for A LOT of prayer, and even asked for those of us who wake up frequently in the night to please pray during that time. Well, apparently last night was my shift because I barely slept a wink but did pray a lot! So, who is up for tonight cause I gotta catch some shut-eye or I will be out of my mind by tomorrow at this time. Which could make for an interesting blog post but let's not go there because who knows what I might say.

Anyway, I just wanted to make sure that you check out her blog if you haven't already...she will hopefully be updating it frequently if she is able to! If there is a way, she will find it!

Also make sure you check out Jean's blog...they are finishing up their trip to Ch*na to adopt their sweet Sarah! Wow! What a beauty she is!

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Mom Of Many said...

Hey your asking lurkers to come out of the shadows has worked - one more is on there as I clicked on your thingy....you are so funny!!

Thank you for praying for hard for us...and sorry about "no sleep"...I guess you could say "I owe you one!"

Did you know that your son is counting down the days till we come home on his Facebook? Hmmm, wonder why?? =)

Much love from Uganda,
Me xoxoxoxxoxoxoxox

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