Thursday, December 4, 2008

Thankful Thursday

1. Adoption...I know I've listed this before but I can't help but thank God for it constantly. Not only for our own adoption(s) but for 2 of my sweet friends who, once home, will have eliminated 3 more orphans from the world. Isn't that the greatest things ever?? And hey, if YOU are an orphan because you don't know JESUS, heaven can be your home....just for the asking!

2. God's provision....the economy has hit the housing market big time as you know. And with my hubby being an electrical contractor, his business is suffering. But God continues to provide for us and I'm so very thankful!

3. Curly hair...yes I have complained a great deal about my clown hair but lately it has saved me oodles of time by me being able to just put a little gel in it and let it air dry....leaving behind big bouncey and often fuzzy (yes, clownish) hair. I get compliments so I guess it doesn't look that bad and my flat iron gets a much needed rest.

4. Christmas trees...I must admit that I love the new color scheme on our tree...and though it needs a little more (I like lotsa stuff on it), it is lovely. We all love it, especially Lucy! Just wait until there are presents under it! She will REALLY love it then...but I don't dare put them under until the last minute, the girl is curious and sneaky!

5. WARM house....we have a new pellet stove that we put in our basement. Wow! It is so great! We also have a wood-burning stove in our family room. We had both of them running the other night and I could have sworn I was starting to see palm trees. It had to have been 85 degrees in our house. I opened the back door to let the frigid air felt great!

6. Blog Followers....Yippee! I'm up to 20! But hey ya'll....compared to ALL the hits I get each day....ummm, I should have a lot more. Give this girl a thrill and click on "follow this blog". And while your at it, leave me a comment once in a while! (Wow, am I desperate for attention or what?)

7. Reading and writing....seriously, can you imagine life if you couldn't do those things? And even though I hated school (except for the social part), and I swear my geometry teacher felt sorry for me (otherwise I would STILL be there) and passed me with a much appreciated D, I'm thankful that I learned the basics! And now that I am a homeschooling Mom, I am soaking up all kinds of good stuff...and now I LOVE it! ;)

8. Photos...though I'm beginning to doubt that the hundreds of photos that I love to take will ever see life in an album and certainly never enjoy the luxury of a scrapbook (which I have purchased all the supplies for, but just haven't got the gumption to do anything with), it's great fun to post them on my blog!

9. Ba-lue and ellow....which Lucy just recently learned and, being so excited with this new-found information, she has taken on the challenge to teach our dog Charlie these colors as well.

10. BIG NEWS....I still can't share...rats! But hopefully soon! Maybe later today??


Mom Of Many said...

Girlfriend - I am right there with you in all your thankfulness...Thank you for praying for us over here in Uganda...God is faithful!! Love you bunches! From Uganda, Me xoxo

PS Tell the K-man that I am going to take a picture for him of the electrical hook-ups where we are staying (he could stay working 24/7 till Jesus comes back in this city and only have barely touched the need!)

Lisa said...

I am so blessed by your blog each day. I had never read a blog until I read Linn's which then it connected me to yours one day. I now am addicted to the 2 of you. My teenage son says I am crazy and a stalker.

I just wanted to let you what a blessing you are to others.

Lisa from Ohio(I am working on a blog)

Anonymous said...

Great list! #7 cracked me up! I too felt his pity and passed that class. Nothing short of amazing. My kids did not inherit my math gene - or lack there of. It comes easy to both of them so far. Thanks be to God for that! However, somehow, it still me that has to help with the homework...even though my DH lives by numbers all day. My DD is already two years ahead of where I was in math at her age. I have to study the book and the internet for how to do the dad-gum problem! :) She usually beats me to the answer anyway.

Holly said...

I can't wait to hear your are as bad as Linn!! :)

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