Sunday, November 30, 2008

Semi-Big News

I have some big news...not THE big news that I have been talking about recently but this is regarding a family decision that we made yesterday. If you haven't already read Linn's recent blog entry (come on, don't tell me you don't follow her blog!!?)...we have decided that since we miss our favorite blogging family so much, we feel it would be in our best interest to apply for them to adopt us! We went ahead and jumped into their family pic just to show them how well we would fit in! And there's still plenty of room for more little ones! So, it's all good!

What a beautiful family...don't ya think?


Am said...

I am one of those "lurkers" the two of you always talk about... :-0
Anyway, I saw this on both blogs and thought it was just too funny!

Dallas, TX

Holly said...

I LOVE it!! I posted a comment on Linn's blog too. I especially love your face in in that picture!

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