Sunday, November 30, 2008

It's Beginning to Look a lot Like Christmas!!!

Yippee! Last night we put up our Christmas tree!!! But first....we went and bought all new decorations and lights. For the last 21 years, I have been in full control of the decorations...a self-appointed committee of ONE. ME. NO ONE ELSE. I am particular about MY tree. I want it to look magazine-worthy. BUT....this year, the fellas boldly, but fearfully, stood up to me and said, "WE WANT COLORED LIGHTS...please!"

Well...I said, "Fine. But do you realize how much it will cost to buy all new stuff?"
K-man says, "$20?"

Me, "What world are you living in??"

K-Man, "I don't know Lori...we just want colored lights instead of Goodhouse Keeping white."

Me, "Alright then. I'm a woman of compromise (picture the men in my house rolling their eyes)."

So off we went to BUY ALL NEW STUFF!! I told them it was coming out of their present money!

The finished product is very beautiful I must say...though because I only know how to use one setting on my fancy shmancy camera, the pics just don't do it justice. But here's a bunch of pics of our evening anyway....

"I'm so exciting about this Christmas thing!!"

Look at this beautiful tree we found in the just needed a few adjustments...

What is this??? K-man helping?? This is unheard of. Perhaps he felt a bit responsible since he was so insistant on the color scheme.

Brenden helping by keeping in touch with the outside world (Emma)...

Coming right along...

Taking one for the team


B continuing to be a tremendous help...
What? Who is this??
OOOOHHHH! What a smile!
Beary & Lucy are happy as can be (and very ready for bed!)!

Merry Christmas!!!


Doug and Terrye said...

We had the Great White Out of 2004 when I tried to sneak in a pre-lit white lighted tree. The boys went on the attack, so I had them box it up and take it back. ;) In the end we all were friends again, and our tree is lit with colored lights

Terrye in FL

Holly said...

Ha! So funny. I love your big boy being such a help. Chatting with Linn's Emma? That wouldn't be such a bad match, would it? :) I'm sure your finished tree is beautiful. Although, I've always been the boring white variety type myself too.

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