Saturday, December 20, 2008


Well, you will all have a more restful weekend knowing that my pee test came back much better the second time around. Whew.

For someone who tends to get a bit stressed out (apparently all you have to do is ask my husband what my weakness is & he'll tell ya all about it! He's precious.), I sure seem to set up a lot of stress for myself. Here's how my afternoon/evening went down....mostly, all my doing:

2:15 - leave the house to go to MY doctor to get medical forms for adoption. YIPPEE! Nothing but goodness on doctor even said I was an EXCELLENT parent!!
3:30 - Leave my Dr. & head to LUCY'S doctor to get her TB test read. She was one happy little girly going to that evil place and for the first time, NOT getting a shot. YIPPEE again!
4:00 - Leave Lucy's Dr. & head to B & N's doctor (perhaps I could streamline our list of doctors a bit, huh?) to get their TB tests. Oh, and I got one too because my dr. doesn't do them.
4:30 - Head to Brenden's basketball game.
5:30 - B's JV game....he can only play 2 quarters cause they need him for all 4 of the Varsity (which turned out all backwards...they really needed B more in the JV game this time).
6:30 - Watched the girls' Varsity game (dreadful, just dreadful)
8:30 - Varsity game! We lost.
10:30 - FINALLY get home to get Lubug to bed!!! Poor girl, she was on sensory overload.

Unrelated, I feel the need to tell you something my social worker told me....she said that I got done in one week what takes most families 4 weeks!!! Toot toot (goes my own horn). What I think is so funny is that when I first got this huge checklist of things to do, I was overwhelmed...but then tackled it like an NFL MVP. So here's what occurred to me yesterday while driving here, there & everywhere....I should do this professionally. I could be like a wedding planner....only with homestudies and dossiers. I'll call myself an "Adoption Midwife." What do you think? Not sure how I will work out the little kinks that I might run into with obtaining others' personal information. But I'm more than willing to give it a try...I could even pee in a cup if necessary! I'm now quite good at it, you know.

Well, I need to put those plans on hold for just a bit until I get through Christmas. People, I have so much to do in the next week!!!!!!! I need to get some (some? make that A LOT of) shopping done today, plus I am meeting my mom and sisters for our little traditional Christmas party together. AND I also need to get my house clean....make that scoured, scrubbed, dusted, vacuumed, and organized before Monday because our SW is coming for our home visit on MONDAY night!!!! And she even said, in a very serious tone, that she would be looking in closets!!!! And I thought the pee thing would be what halted our adoption plans.

Sorry for such a blah post, but shouldn't you all be wrapping presents or something? Don't even tell me you've already done that. Show off. Ok, for all of you over-achievers who are on your game and got your shopping done in July, gifts wrapped by Veteran's Day, and your house is perpetually clean.....get your buns over to my house & help me with all I have to do!!!!

Lucy and her bleacher buddy, Reese


Brittne said...

Looking in closets!? Thats so odd!Maybe she's checking for skeletons lol

jan ranger said...

i LOVE you!!! your humor is my kind of laughing. i can relate to such much of what you write but yours makes me laugh!!!!

thanks for being a bright spot in my day! xoxoxoxo jan :)

Lynsay said...

I can sympathize (well about the Christmas shopping) it is just NOT getting done. I try and I try, but there is just nothing easy. My mom wanted to send the girls gifts so I had this brilliant idea that she tell me what she wanted to get them and I would just buy it here, saving shipping. Yeah, that isn't working out so well. What am I super human? Now it is -4 and windy........ :) I'm not complaining! Good to see that you DO ACTUALLY take pictures of B at his basketball games, not just Lucy! I'm sure he will appreciate you putting him on the blog someday! Love ya!

Mom Of Many said...

Hey girl,
It feels like forever since I have been able to just sit and read any blogs...but I have some time here now: 3:20am and precious babies and i have been up since 1:42...

I already have my toothpicks and bubble gum in my Bible for the services today...I use bubble gum to stick the toothpick ends in - after all who would really want pointy toothpicks intheir eye lids? I mean - come on!

I will try to send the email with the pick for K-man...I couldn't get much of anything to upload in Africa without alot of blood sweat and tears.

By the way, your eldest looks very good at b-ball from the pics...

Miss you and Love you lots,

Holly said...

Lori... I am quite sure that if you lived nearby, we would be best friends. I don't know many people who are as much like me as you are! :) Here's to stressed (but happy), messy house, procrastinators who have really big hearts! lol!

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