Sunday, December 21, 2008

I think I'll just sit here

**Note to readers: The following paragraph should be read with toxic-levels of sarcasm....

Oh I'm just filled with cheer over the fact that I have just now begun my Christmas shopping!! There is so much that you Christmas-in-July folks miss out on! There are oodles of opportunities to learn patience! Lots of fun-filled last minute decision making! Generosity-stretching-budget-compromising gift buying for those "they-have-everything-people" on your list! All the new friends made in those lines-snaked-all-the-way-to-the-bedding-section! Yippee, I'm lovin' it ya'll!!!

Reality: I'm sitting here on my rocker, trying to convince myself to go back to the stores while Lucy and K take their much-needed naps. It is a balmy 11 degrees outside and I'm warm and cozy in front of a crackling fire and a warm laptop on my lap. Though I'm feeling quite relaxed, the stress level is building as I look at my messy house that absolutely must be white-glove-clean by 5:45 tomorrow night (as to give our SW the illusion that I actually keep a tidy house at all times) AND the shopping I have left to get done by....well, Christmas.

So, as much as I want to just sit here (and maybe I just will!), I guess I'll put on my faux Uggs and drag myself to the fun and friendly-filled stores. UGH.

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Anonymous said...

Hope all went well with your "guest"!!!! :) I'm certain it did.

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