Monday, December 22, 2008

Did you think I got sucked into the Wal-M*rt Bermuda Triangle?? Oh, I wish! Nope. I've just been super busy AND I have this bad cough-sinus thing going on making for a very grumpy Lori.

The boys had their physicals this morning for our homestudy and I simply must tell you what Nick said to the doctor. We were all three in the office together (K & Lu were at home) and the doc told Nick to drop his drawers (he told me not to look...and believe me, I didn't). Just as he was finishing up his turn-your-head-and-cough exam, Nick said, "Dr., we gotta quit meeting like this." HA! I thought our super nice small town Dr. D was going to fall off his stool laughing. Oh my. Only my boys.

And I'm happy to say that our sweet social worker just left a little bit ago! Yippee!! All our interviews are over!! As I was giving her the tour of our house she said, "I hope you haven't been stressed about this!" To which I said, "Who me, stressed? Oh don't be silly!" Right. And I made sure she saw our closet (the closet that is now back to its walk-in state because K-man cleaned it ALL out on Saturday while I was gone...leaving all my clothes & shoes scattered about our room. **sigh**)

So tomorrow I'm going back out to the shopping battlefield. I've got a lot to do still. *smile* And whatever doesn't get done, just doesn't get done. See the pic below of where I am storing my still-unwrapped Christmas presents!

Yes, this is the way it was when our SW came tonight....

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