Monday, October 6, 2008

Road Trip


We are getting ready for our very first road trip as a family of five. Colorado bound we are. Both excitement and fear of the unknown fills me right now! Excitement because…well, isn’t if obvious? I mean it’s Colorado for cryin’ out loud. What’s not to love about the majestic mountainous state? But the fear of the unknown comes from traveling with Lucybug. Though she does pretty well in her car seat, traveling SO MANY hours will likely be a challenge for her (and us!). Who can blame this sweet thing, not wanting to be confined to a feet-dangling, body-binding, neck-breaking, but oh-so-safe-law-required seat? In China children are free to flop about in cars, dangle from motor-scooters and balance on handle bars of rickety bicycles! But we aren’t in China so we gotta figure out how to make our little princess oh-so-comfy on this trip that will take us almost as long as our flight to her homeland!

We are busy, busy loadin’ up the 5th wheel trailer to spend just over a week in our favorite state. Which brings me to my feelings on “camping”…Please hear me loud and clear…I am NOT a roughin’ it kind of girl. No tents for me. No startin’ fires with sticks. And I’m certainly not sleeping in a sleeping bag! Electricity is an absolute must, television (2 to be exact), a satelite dish, stereo, a full bathroom and a feather-top bed are just a few of my minimum requirements. So, I guess you could say that I’m more of a “Clamper” (glamour-camper). But it’s still a pain to get it all ready….well, it’s kinda fun in a warped sort of way…the transferring of food from house-refrigerator to trailer, making sure every last cup, fork, bowl, coffee-maker, pillow, towel, etc., etc. is all there. **sigh** It does sometimes make me long for the days of regular traveling where one simply packs clothes in suitcase, zip shut, put in car & drive away. But, once my many hours of preparation are done and we are on the road…it all pays off when I can use my own potty, sleep on my own sheets, enjoy a kitchenette full of snacks & beverages and plop down on my own sofa at the end of the day, all on wheels. It’s for sure our home away from home & we love it.

Gotta go…I’ve got a gazillion things to do.

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Lynsay said...

My family fondly (or not so much) likes to remind me of my camping experience in which at one point I shouted "I HATE NATURE!"

For Lucy try big ziplock bags and the dollar store (little books, glow sticks, pens and paper, CANDY!) We have done a lot of traveling with the girls in their 3+ years and having one for every hour or so works well, plus the oh so important, don't ever leave home without it, car DVD player!!!!

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