Tuesday, October 7, 2008


Ok, I’m starting today out with only about four hours of sleep…ugh. I keep waking up at 2 AM for some reason & don’t fall back asleep until just before the alarm clock goes off. Peachy.

As my vacation preparation continues, I am basking in the giddiness that comes from my favorite part. When we travel via home-on-wheels, we try to eat in as much as possible…making for a very relaxing get-away-from-it-all respite for me. And also allowing me the joy of getting to cook lots of meals ahead of time to stick in the fridge & freezer. Oh how energized I felt yesterday as I was making several meals at once, along with what we were having for dinner last night! Leaving me stacks of pots and pans to wash, who-knows-what scattered on my already-needing-a-good-scrubbin’ floor, and let’s not forget the laundry that was screaming to be rotated and protesting the fact that I’m, “la, la, la,” ignoring it. Oh my…that probably sounds really sarcastic…good. Oh and let me tell you that after dinner I was proudly making carrot cake cupcakes to take on our road trip, got them all cozy in the oven to do their thang’ and about ten minutes into it I saw sitting there on my counter the oil, all perfectly measured ready to go into my cake batter. I quickly opened the oven only to see that the now diet-friendly cakes were half-baked (much like their creator). Grrr. I had a sudden health-crazed thought that, YES! they would be oh-so-good and figure friendly without the oil! NO! I told myself as I came back to my senses. There is an old Chinese proverb that says, “No good thing ever came from a fat-free dessert”….ok, I made that up (no, really?) but it’s so true, wouldn’t you agree? Anyway, I had a tad of batter left over that I poured some of the oil in, made an itty, bitty cake out of it and we devoured it last night…and honestly, it wasn’t so great. I don’t want to talk about it any more.

One last thing, totally off the subject. The NRA called last night….K answered the phone, talked a brief moment then hung up. Lucy said, “Who’s that?” (a question she ALWAYS asks when we have been on the phone), K said, “the NRA”….to which I said, “Lucy, do they have the NRA in China?” And she said (I swear she did)…..”no…I don’t shinks so.” Ha! We laughed our heads off!

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Mom Of Many said...

The NRA in China, huh? She doesn't shink so...that is just too funny! I just remembered that you dust your house, so I'm guessing I better do that too, so you feel at home. Or maybe I will give you sunglasses at the door. LOL Can't wait till this week-end!

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