Saturday, October 4, 2008

Homecoming, Scary Bubbles & Cupcakes

Our little private school had their homecoming last night...we won 62-14!! Go Eagles!!
Lucy & her homecoming date!

"I really want to touch Eddie the Eagle!!"

"Umm...maybe not!"
Lucy's other homecoming date!!

Lucy hangin' with her peeps

Lucy was really concerned about Ethan's ankle...not sure if that means she will be a doctor someday or that she's already a diggin' the jocks!


Lucy had her first real bubble bath...with lots of bubbles!! She loved it as you can see...

"Whose idea was this?? This is horribly terrifying!!"
"Ok, this isn't making matters any better"

Lastly, Lucy had her very first cupcake...and though she thought it was very yummy, the messiness of it was quite unpleasant!
How do I eat this thing in a lady-like manner?

Umm, something here!

Brenden showing Lucy how to just dive into it!
Ok, I've had enough.

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Jean said...

Lovin' the bubble bath pics! Too cute!!


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