Monday, September 29, 2008

A Little Braggin' and My Modern Day Heros of the Faith

I’ve always been a “list” person. There is such joy in crossing off the tasks posted on a piece of scratch paper. I’ve even been known to add things I’ve already done…just so I can again experience that exuberant feeling of a word with a line through it. But as my days have changed drastically with my little Lucy pulling on my apron strings (ok really? Who wears an apron these days) and recently deciding to home school Nick, it’s mighty hard to get much done around here. So anything crossed off is a reason for celebration. All that brings me to the need I feel to let you know that today I dusted, got laundry going, helped Nick with a science quiz, built a fabulous structure with Lucy out of her blocks AND got my floors mopped. News worthy information? No. But since this is my blog, I’m making it a day worth celebrating. And all this was accomplished before noon.

But, as I am patting myself on the back I am quickly reminded of what my friend Linn has most likely already done today. She has posted to her blog (maybe both of them, I don’t know…I’ve been too busy to check), schooled the kiddos, memorized the Constitution, knitted sweaters for her family, found 12 more orphans to adopt, and made her husband a chocolate cake with mousse layers, topped with ganache. So as you can see, I have nothing on her. Though I will say that she just emailed me and told me she’s still in her bath robe (slacker).

There is also my newest friend, Lynsay (whom I only know via blogland). She is currently in Beijing with her husband & two sweet little girls. They are doing a great work for the orphans in China. And since she is a friend of Linn’s she most likely is an overachiever as well and is probably a member of the Chinese Acrobatic group by now. Seriously, they have sacrificed so much to be where they are and their life is nothing short of an adventure that I’m sure we will read about someday in a great book.

So, there are two of my modern day “heros of the faith”. Check out their blogs. They are great gals who love the Lord & serve Him with eagerness.
**BTW, don't you just love me new blog make-over?? Thanks to Linn (of course, who else) who so graciously sent me the info (as she was trimming her Aspen trees) on how to spruce things up around here.


Mom Of Many said...

I, again, laughed my head off when I read this post. I was laughing so much that I read it aloud to my family and Graham said, "mom she is going to be so disappointed when she gets here, you're really not 'all that'." So there you go - my life from my 13 year olds perspective! Either way, we are going to have a blast when you guys come! And yeah, I'll try to be out of my bathrobe by the time you pull in. =) Can't wait!

Lynsay Lewis said...

Linn is being modest, although I'm quite sure she laughed her head off!!! Well perhaps Graham is being modest (he knows his mom is a supermom!)

I on the other hand am not being modest, just honest, there is NO WAY you could get me to join the Chinese acrobat team (did you see the size of the gymnasts at the Olympics, 16 my foot!)


I think I have your email address, but I'm not sure which one it is!! :) Can you send it too me, I would love to corresponde that way! Get on my profile for my address or send it through our news address!

Hope you like your coffee STRONG, drinking coffee tar is like kryptonite to Linn!! (love ya sister!)

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