Saturday, September 27, 2008

Good Morning!

Hi guys...It's Lucy again! I'm just sitting here eating eggs & noodles, watching Ni Hao, Kai-lan. My mama doesn't let me watch much TV but she does let me watch this show over &'s SO awesome!

We went out for Chinese food again last night. It was so yummy! I just can't seem to get the whole American food thing (well, except sweets....oh yeah, American sweets are a very good thing). So, I got to eat my very favorite, white rice made perfectly by a real Chinese person (not my mama, trying to do it the Chinese way!). I also had spring rolls...oooohhh yum. And a little of mama's hot & sour soup. mmmmm! Nothing is too spicy for me!

So, I'm just gonna be hangin' out at home today. Bee-day (Brenden) is home (only because mama & baba made him) and Ye-day (that's what I call one knows why since it sounds nothing like Nick...I'm just messin' with 'em) is at a friend's house & I really hope he comes home soon cause I like everyone to be home together, just like mama does. She kinda grumbles about that actually, how my brothers are always on the go...she doesn't like that they are growing up. Heaven help her in a couple years when they are off to college. I really have a feeling that I will have at least one more sibling by then! Mama doesn't like the thought of an empty nest. That's good cause there's lots of orphans who need homes...believe me I should know. But right now, I'm kinda liken' being the only little one around. So, I'm just gonna soak up all this attention!

Bye for now!

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