Tuesday, September 30, 2008

A Family Gathering

A Grumpy Lucy

Papa, Mimi, Lucy & Lori Kel & Lucy

We had a lovely gathering of almost all of my side of the family last night at my parents' house. Even my grandparents were there from Alabama. Lucy was a little overwhelmed at first but she eventually warmed up, though she is never her normal chatter-box around people like she is at home. I really wish everyone could take a turn being a fly on our walls because she says so much and is the funniest little thing!

Thanks for helping me with the captions Brittne!! I guess I did it right!?


Brittne said...

Hey Lori! Good lord, your family is so beautiful! Lucy gets more adorable each day! By the way, puting captions by your pics is easy. After you post them onto your blog, there should be a big link for the picture, and where you start typing. You just return a couple spaces between those links and type whatever you want. I miss all you guys! God Bless!

Mom Of Many said...

I love the family pics! They are so candid and especially love you pushing your hair back and the look on your face that says, "yeah, okay, ummmm, I'm beginning to wonder if we are having as much fun as it looks...." Too cute! BTW, love what K's shirt says! =)

Anonymous said...

Hi, I've been following your blog on Journey to Me for quite a while. You have a beautiful family and I've had a lot of fun following your journey. Cute blog! I'll be sure to keep following little Lucy. What a sweetheart!

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