Wednesday, October 1, 2008

4 Glorious Months

I just can't believe that today marks four months since "gotcha day". This little Chinese wonder has taken our hearts and melted them completely. I will never be able to write, say or express in any way how very thankful I am for my sweet, sweet Lucy Joy. Though I know that God sees straight to my heart and knows exactly how I feel about this experience and oh how He must be so delighted.

When I ponder on that day four months ago, I just can't even imagine how scared Lucy must have been. My heart hurts even now for the pain she felt then....being pulled away from the only life she knew and handed over to this family without any warning. I'm so grateful that God was so faithful to heal her pain and now she is thriving beyond measure. In those early days I would hold her and wish so badly that she could understand my words that expressed to her...that we were her family. Never, ever to turn her over to anyone else. To love her at the deepest level. God quickly spoke to me during those times and told me that He could speak those words to her for me. Oh the comfort that brought me. So I told the Lord what I wanted her to know and I know for certain that He spoke them to her heart and that she completely understood.

So this day wasn't any different than any other...Lucy played with her buddy Micaiah while I led our women's Bible study, we took Nick to play golf, and now she's playing with her dolls. And I'm happy to report that today she changed what she is calling's no longer it's Yick. Too cute!!!

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