Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Bad Chicken Mama

  I may have gone down a dark path with one of my hens, friends.
The deal is, one of my old girls has been so broody lately and I always feel bad taking her eggs
from beneath her, even though I remind her that, ummm, "honey, there's no rooster here, so ummm,
your eggs can't possibly be fertilized.  Do we need to have the birds and bees talk again?"
Apparently so.

But instead I did what any chicken Mom would do, I put a golf ball under her.

But now she won't leave her golf ball.  She sits on it day and night, day and night.
So now I am thinking I need to take it from her, because I'm basically lying to her.
I'm such a horrible mother!!

And look, even her friends won't tell her.  They just look at her like she's crazy.

Anyway, that's the latest drama going on here.

Everything else is just normal, mundane summertime stuff:

Have a great Tuesday, folks!

1 comment:

Chris said...

My neighbor lady (aka Chicken lady) has golf balls in her nesting boxes all the time. She thinks it encourages her chickens to put the eggs in the right places...not on the ground.

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