Tuesday, May 6, 2014

My New Life

Oh, friends.  I learned a very valuable lesson last week.  Here it is:  Leave my laptop on the kitchen table with the cord across the floor and dog gets tangled up in it and pulls computer crashing to the floor, shame on him!  Leave my laptop in the exact same place the very next day and the dog gets tangled up in the cord and computer comes crashing to the floor, SHAME ON ME!!

Actually, shame on me both times.

After the first time, it continued to work fine.  After the second time, it is now toast.  I am praying that I can retrieve the vast amount of photos, documents, and other valuable information from the hard drive, but I don't know yet.   I am so stupid!!

Thankfully, Nick has an old laptop that he doesn't use anymore so I am using that now.  I have my Kindle, but goodness, it's not easy to blog from!  And I can't upload pictures.  (Or at least I don't know how.)

So, my life has been reset.  I am starting fresh.  I might even change my name and get a new family, who knows.

Here are my first two fascinating pictures to put on my new-ish laptop!

This is Isaiah after putting cucumbers on his eyes because he heard it was soothing.  
Putting ranch dressing on them first, however, was completely his idea.

Here is Brenden's entire dorm room kitchen inventory.
He brought this and his sheets home for their bi-annual washing.

Well, as you can see, my new life is off to a rather slow start.

Have the best Tuesday ever, folks!!

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Tesseraemum said...

Thanks to Nick for keeping you in the loop! We can't live without your pithy and witty posts!

Let me know how the new family search goes. You probably won't find one better than the one you already have though :) You are more than welcome to mine but they are kind of scary.

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