Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Brench-Pressing People {and physics journals}

So, here's something fun that happened when Brenden was home last weekend.

He's really into working out, so he decided to bench press Lucy.

She thought it was the funniest thing ever!

And then, way less adorable, but much more impressive...
it was MY turn.

Brace yourselves.

Wow, that's probably the most flattering photo I have of me to date.

And here's something else very interesting.
Brenden left his physics journal on the kitchen table, and I couldn't help but take a peek.
And I was like, WOW! it's almost identical to MY physics journal entries!

It's my pleasure to have passed on my brains, looks, and talents to all of my children!

Have a great day, folks!
And don't forget to write in your physics journals.
You don't want to get rusty with your formulas and whatnot!

1 comment:

Karin said...

Oh yes, my physics journal looks EXACTLY the same. Exactly.

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