Thursday, February 20, 2014

Here's What's Happening in Lori Land

Friends!  How the heck are ya?  My gosh, this week has completely gotten away from me, blog-wise.  I hate that I haven't been in touch with you but my time is being prioritized and sadly, my bloggy world has had to be lowered to the mid-section of my list.  Wahhhh!

But here I am!  I wrote on today's to-do list that I needed to update my blog and by golly, I'm doing it!


Here's a few things going on in Lori Land lately:

1.  Tonight is pizza night! (It is my absolute favorite go-to dinner when I am otherwise clueless.)

Here's my dough that's been doing its thing since this morning!

2.  I am also making Ezekiel bread today, which is a huge relief to me because I haven't made nary a loaf in weeks!  I also made three loaves of banana bread.  And the children logged 7 1/2 hours on the Wii.

3.  I've done a lot of hair this week, which is a fun because it's on the complete opposite side of my house, on the lower level.  Sometimes my kitchen and I just need a break from each other, ya know?

Here's my shop!  (I don't think I've ever shown you before...??)  Maybe I have, I don't know.

4.  I think I'm going to spray-tan myself soon.  I am looking really drab lately.

OH, and that reminds me of a story.  About ten years ago I used to workout with a group of fun gals and we often went for a 4-mile run around our town.  Anyway, one week I had been experimenting with self-tanners and well, in retrospect I'm pretty sure I must have gone overboard with it because I showed up one morning for our run, seriously waiting for my friends to rave about how glowingly golden I was...but they said nothing.  In fact, they didn't even really make eye contact with me.  I was very perplexed because man, I looked gooood.  And then the subject of going to the pool came up and I took that opportunity to tell them about my new Dorito-colored tan-in-a-tube that I had been using (heavily), because apparently they hadn't noticed...but no one said ANYTHING, nothing. Crickets were chirping.    

It's these things in life that teach us hard-core lessons.

Never mind what I said about spray-tanning myself soon.  

5.  Did any of you take short-hand in high school?  I did.  And I've been thinking a lot about that lately.  It seemed like such a promising way of quick communication and a skill that any up and coming secretary would certainly need!  I'm disappointed that never panned out.

That was possibly the most random thought I've ever had.

6.  I've started this new approach to cleaning, which is to storm through my house for about 30 minutes and get things done real quick!  And I tell the kids to storm along with me for ten minutes.  And it's so fun and fabulous and works great!

That was my tip o' the day for you.  (As if you've never thought to clean really fast.)

Which reminds me, I got a free ebook on speed cleaning and one of the tips was, if something isn't dirty, don't clean it.  Wow, now that's something I never thought of!  Geeeee.  It takes an act of Congress to get me to clean the dirty stuff, I'm certainly not going to clean something that's, ummm...clean.  Hellllo?


I could go on and on here but I think this has been long enough.  And I certainly don't want to pour out all my wisdom on you in one single post.  I bet you'll savor this one for a good long time and you won't even notice if I'm gone for another few days!  (Feel free to refer back as necessary.)

Have the greatest Thursday evening ever!!

Love ya!


Anonymous said...

My mom always wrote her Christmas list in shorthand! Use it! :-)


Jana said...

Love your posts and do miss them when they are a bit apart, but I always know you have another great one coming! Love your was wondering if that was going to be highlighted in red for either not being a real word or just too dang long of one! Anyway, great matter how random and great tips...oh, and I don't cut hair for anyone other than those guinea pigs er children in my home but your home salon just gave me great inspiration for one in my own home!

Nancy said...

Loved your shorthand comment. I, too, know how to take dictation. Loved it. And sometimes I still use it. Brought back old memories.

Chris said...

Love your beauty parlor floor, I wanted b&W for my kitchen, but we couldn't find DIY tiles in black and white. I learned shorthand via correspondence course, but I can barely read my own writing these days. Pizza is Shekinah's go-to suggestion anytime I wonder what I shall make for supper.

Kathryn said...

You *never* fail to make me laugh. I enjoy your blog so much. Still chuckling over #2.

Anonymous said...

You are so REAL, and like ME, and you I appreciate you putting it all out there. Thanks for my first smile of the day! :) Kristal

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