Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Ten Amazing Bathrooms!

Happy Wednesday, my peeps!

K-Man and I are really pondering how/when we should redo our master bathroom.  What we have now is a colossal mess.  Well, I mean, it's nothing to complain about, after all, we do have running water!  Hot water, at that.  Hot, running water!  Far be it from me to ever complain for one second about that!  I'm thankful beyond measure for those two things, no matter what shape my commode-decor is in!  

But strictly speaking about decor, my bathroom is lacking mojo, style, and all-around glam.

So, I set out onto Pinterest to see what I could find, idea-wise.

Here's what. 

#1  This is grand.  Really grand!  
I love the stone and rustic wood finishes.

#2  Again with the stone.  LOVE THAT.  And the fireplace, good heavens, YES.

#3  I love the simplicity of this one.  
Stylish and useful shelves are something high on my list of priorities!

#4  I adore this one.  So quaint and stylish!  

#5  Mountainy-rustic always catches my eye.  I love me some rustic!
Did you hear that?  The mountains are calling me now!

#6  Farmhouse.  Oh my gosh, I do love me a farmhouse!  
I love this one for that very reason.

#7  Colorado Chic.
Again with the mountain theme.  To the highest level of yuppie weekend-skier.

#8  This is so gorgeous!  Farmy, yet trendy.  
Warm and cozy.  Clean and fresh.

#9  Someday I'll have enough courage to paint my cabinets a color.
It's so whimsical and fun!
I really, really love the big open shelf on the bottom.

#10  Look at this simple tiny bathroom.  So cute!  
No such thing as a space being too small to not load it with style and character.

Oops, thought I was done with my list...but then found THIS ONE.
#11  GoodNESS.  I love!

Let me know your favorites!  I just love gathering ideas...and hope that I can somehow cram all of them into one bathroom to make my own beautiful space.

Have a great day, folks!  And get in there and enjoy your bathrooms!  (Huh?)


Vicky said...

I think # 8 comes closest to what I like! I prefer a separate room for the potty, especially in a big bathroom.

Jana said...

#6,4,8 in that order for me! I like character and my husband and I enjoy older homes for that reason! We are trying to decide to build or buy our own farm house. My husband likes the idea of going with an 100 year old plus home but doing a major re haul on plumbing, electrical, heating/cooling etc. Then restoring it to its original form with more modern updates, no outhouse for this girl! But I could totally picture #8 or #6 working in an older space like that!

Karin said...

They are all great but since I am dreaming...I would say #2. :)

Natalie said...

I like 4 because it is simple, clean, and pretty, but also looks do-able. Of course if you are really feeling adventurous, you may as well go for #11.

dannette said...

I was hoping you would post a before picture of your bathroom - yep, I am that curious! I love 4 and 5 and will have to live through you on having an amazing bathroom. We did just renovate to make ours wheelchair accessible for our little one, but not lots of space for fun splurges. Ours is definitely functional though!

Lori at JOY Unspeakable said...

Dannette, don't you worry...I will definitely be posting "before and after" pictures of our bathroom! Unfortunately, this project isn't in the very near future. I'm just in the planning that when the time DOES come (which means, when the MONEY comes...ha!), I'll ready to go!

dannette said...

Love your answer and guess that means I will be a long time blog follower of your blog. Oh and I am from Kansas too - we are in Salina.

Joanne Reddell said...

For your bathroom I would choose #4 & #8. Your setting/home is so rustic and sweet and country that I think those bathrooms would fit in well.

We have a small master bathroom that we remodeled last year. We LOVE it!! We did the majority of it ourselves......and when I say "we", I mean my husband!! LOL

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