Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Dreaming of a Warm Vacation! {and a cleaning lady}

Happy Tuesday to you, friends!

Are you enjoying tropical temperatures like we are here in Kansas?  It's positively balmy, at a whopping 5 degrees.  And I'll tell you something, I'm so over it.  I have a fresh new appreciation for, say, 30 degrees...or even 20.  I'd love me some 20 right now!  But sunny and 73 would be way better.


For the next two weeks I'm on stand-by for jury duty.  I have to call in every couple nights to see if they need me the next day.  I feel so important!  And boy, are they in for a treat if I should actually have to go in. Finally, my chance to throw my power and opinions around at the county level.  I've been waiting my entire life for this!

With any luck, I'll keep my mouth shut just enough to get chosen for a sequestered trial and I'll get to kick back in a hotel room in the evenings!

On the home front:

Yesterday morning I was seriously plotting to secretly hire a cleaning lady.  I had it all figured out.  (Or should I say, I HAVE it all figured out.  This idea is still brewing.)  Two days a week I am the only one home for a big chunk of time.  All I have to do is have a cleaning lady come over, I'll pay her cash (or give her a perm in exchange, whatever), she'll clean my house like it's never been cleaned before, I'll throw a little Windex behind my ears just in time for K-Man to get home, and KA-POW, suddenly my man, my kids, and the world just assumes that I've finally got my act together.  It's the perfect crime!

I think it's very clear that Lori needs a vacation...a very warm vacation!  Because the cold is eating away at my last remaining brain cells.  

Okay, I gotta snap back to reality! I need get busy with my day while I try to stay warm with a tropical umbrella drink hot cup of tea.

Have the best Tuesday ever, everyone!

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Jana said...

Oh Lori...your pics make me long for summer weather! I'm right there with you! With the wind chill topping out our temps at a balmy -20 yesterday I am so ready for just regular 20 degrees! I think our high yesterday hit 4 degrees! Ahem....thanks but no thanks! Ready to be done as well!

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