Tuesday, January 14, 2014

America the Beautiful {our Hawaiian vacation!}

Today's posted started out as something entirely different than it ended up.  But everything changed when I went way back in my picture files to find a lovely Hawaiian photo.  Once I started looking at the hundreds of pictures from the vacation of our lifetime...well, I knew this post would be exclusively about Hawaii.  And since it's mid-January right now, I can't think of a better place to be, even if it is just via fond photos!

Come along as I reminisce about the Hawaiian cruise K-Man and I took to celebrate our 20th wedding anniversary six years ago.  (We had just started the process for our first adoption!) (And I had not yet started blogging, so these are all new photos to you!)

June, 2007

This was taken on the plane on our way to the tropical 50th state!  (Honestly, look how glowing my complexion was...then.)  (And no frown lines.)

Dear 45 year-old Lori, Make appointment for Botox, ASAP.

Awww, getting ready to go to dinner!

Tropical paradise.  I really should have built a hut and stayed there for the rest of my life.

 Here's a jeep we rented on one of the islands.  I don't remember which island, and who really cares.  They're all perfect and wonderful and down-right dreamy!

Ocean spray, anyone?  Yes, please!

K-Man pondering life...and why the heck he lives in Kansas.

Me, with a cute figure and everything.  How in the world is it that my adopted kids made me chubby??

Dear 45 year-old Lori, More treadmill, less bread.

 Our home SWEET home away from home.

 Not a care in the world.  We never should have packed up and left that ocean-side cabin.

This is a convertible Mustang we rented on another island.  Soaking up the Pacific rays and breathing in the sea breeze.

 Here we are at a luau.  You know it's an exceptional vacation when K-Man is wearing a shell necklace.

Just a regular Tuesday on a Hawaiian cruise ship.

Relaxation much?  Good heavens, I'm jealous of those four feet right now!

This will be my back yard in heaven.

 Come on, have you ever eaten dinner with a view like that?

(I'm painting a mural on my kitchen wall as we speak.)

And I'm also installing this in my kitchen.  And hiring a chef.  And clean-up crew.

 Goodbye, Hawaii.  WE WILL BE BACK!

A very majestic flag flying proudly over Pearl Harbor.  (I have this photo framed and I just adore it!)

America The Beautiful.

Okay, now everyone back to your mundane day!

And let's get going on planning a cruise already!

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