Friday, December 20, 2013

Making Kids Do Chores

As a young mom, a long, long, LONG time ago,
I wasn't very good about making my boys do chores every day.
They did have things required of them,
but it was mostly outdoor stuff, taking out the trash, or whatever.

I wanted the indoor chores done my way.  The right way.
So I did it all myself.

I was so adorable back then.

Fast forward to NOW.
Now I have a half a dozen kids...
and I finally figured out that I simply must make the 
them all do more.  Even if I have to make stuff up.
For example, I used to give Isaiah a spray bottle of vinegar water and a rag,
and told him to clean the outside of the kitchen trashcan.  
He squealed with delight over such a big-boy job!
And NOW, he's capable of doing so much more.

Anyway, we live and learn, right?

So yesterday we did some chores.
And I took pictures.

And looky at this.
The biggest boy unloaded the dishwasher all on his own.
He noticed it needed to be done, and did it!
I guess my young-stupid-mom approach turned out okay after all.
(He told me I didn't have his consent to post this picture.)
(But, I'm the old-mom now it is.)

Isaiah with a knife.
Young Mom would have freaked out.
Old Mom, she's so calm that she's taking photos.

Ahhhh, it's nice to have cute little (and big) helpers!

(All the other kids were at school and work, lucky them!)

I hope you have a wonderful Friday, friends!
And that you can kick back and be the leisurely mom you were meant to be,
while watching your kiddos do all the housework.

I tend to go to extremes in everything I do.

Good day to you!


Angie said...

I tell my kids that's the reason we had so many of help with chores! Then I laugh and pretend I'm joking. They haven't caught on to that, yet.

Chris said...

I tell my kids that the ability to do chores will look so good on their resume when they are husband/wife idea why those conversations pop up so much lately

Heather M said...

Oh, my gosh, you crack me up! Everything you post makes me want to giggle out loud. I love your posts! Have a wonderful (relaxing) Christmas!

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