Sunday, November 3, 2013

This Week's Dinner Menu {maybe!}

Every Sunday afternoon I make up our dinner menu for the week.
It's always so filled with big ambition and high expectations!

But usually, the reality menu turns out quite differently.
You know, when you're feeling completely drained at the end of a day
and you try to figure out how you can come up with
a new, easy and magical way to combine elbow macaroni, hamburger, and cheese,
for the 134th time, because you simply don't have the energy, courage or wherewithal
to implement the previously made plan?
Yes, we all know that.

Well, I am with my new menu for the week.
And I think it's fairly realistic, somewhat delicious, and very doable.

Monday:  Grilled BBQ Chicken
(with K-Man's delicious homemade BBQ sauce!)
(And I will of course come up with some side dishes, which sometimes is the biggest obstacle, really.)

Tuesday:  Meatball Sandwiches
(Again with more side dishes, darn it all.)

Wednesday:  Chicken and Egg Noodles
(And hopefully some crusty bread.)
(This is where my previous lofty ambition usually bites me. Bits me hard.)

Thursday:  Fiesta Lime Chicken
Ole', my fiesta friends!
(BONUS!  I'll grill the chicken needed for this on Monday, along with the BBQ chicken.  SCORE!)
Side dish:  Fiesta rice, as I call it.  (Do you see the theme?)

Friday:  Potato Soup in bread bowls (maybe with the bread bowls)
(Maybe some sandwiches)
Maybe is the theme for this night.
 (Actually, there will be sandwiches of some sort.  K-Man will die if I just serve soup, bless him.)

Saturday:  Chicken Pot Pie!

Sunday:  Well, who knows at this point.

Okay, so there you have it.
Time will tell if all the above actually comes to fruition.

Have a blessed week, my friendly friends! 


Chris said...

at least you have an attempted menu...all i have is 20# of cooked chicken in the freezer and 10# of raw hamburger, ...

Lacy said...

I do the same thing on Sundays. I try to look over the store ads and make my menu based on sales and what I have stocked in the freezer. If I do not make a menu I will spend $200 at the grocery store and we will eat out 4 or 5 nights of the week. The following week I will throw away half of the food I bought and start again. It is a vicious cycle. lol!

I have a system for my menu too. Mondays food has to be portable so they can eat on the go. Tuesday is a crockpot meal since we are gone all day for CC. Wednesday is our only night at home, so I can cook anything. Thursday is almost always soup in the crock pot and sandwiches or bread. Friday always homemade pizza. Saturday is left overs and Sunday is a big family meal.

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