Friday, November 1, 2013

Random List of Things

A list of random things for today:

1.  I had to tell my little kids in a very firm voice this morning
that it really is okay to skip a day of homeschool, once in a while.
Especially when you are so far ahead that, at the pace you're going,
you will be done by January.
And especially when Mom desperately needs a break on this Friday.
But that freaked them out entirely.

2.  So here we are, doing schoolwork.
There's something wrong with these kids!
I think the word nerds could be applied.

3.  Is it ever inappropriate to drink wine while homeschooling?
I'm asking for a friend.

4.  I'm enjoying my new little part-time job as a server at a local unique eating establishment!
And I tell you what.  It is HARD WORK.
Tip your servers generously, people.

(Wow, so obnoxiously cheesy.)
(This is the look I get when I leave the compound.)
(Hot diggity!)

5.  Food is my love language.
And today's translation is:
Special Lunches!
My kids (starting with my big boys when they were little) just flip with excitement
when I tell them I made them a "special lunch".
All that really means is, I up the lunch standard just a tad,
put it all on a tray...and serve it to them in the living room.
Really, you should try it.
Your kids will think you are a special kind of super star.

6.  I'm not really big on Halloween but I'm not all uptight about it either.
So, we took the Littles out last night for trick-or-treating, for the first time!
They are still talking about it.

7.  And today, here's what Lucy has done with her candy:
Which brings us full-circle back to the word, nerd.
And we can throw in an OCD, for good measure.
I love her!

8.  I found Isaiah SNIFFING his Halloween candy this morning.
Polar opposites, those two.

9.  Life is pretty much debilitating when you run out of paper towels.
They seem like just a handy little nicety, but really, my life has come to a hault
now that I'm out.
(Yet, I'm too cheap to spend the gas money to run to the store for more.)

10.  Christmas is like, less than two months away.
I'm so sorry.
But I am happy to say, my shopping is well underway, thanks to my mother.
She just emailed me with her latest finds.
She's my professional shopper, which is nice because my kids probably
wouldn't have presents otherwise.  A shopper, I am not!

Have a good weekend, and happy holidays!


quilt'n-mama said...

too funny- my kids are a bit freaked out that we didn't do school today either! Our district is out and we are ahead and have several things we need to get done today. This mama also needed a break- found out yesterday that the reason my foot has been hurting so darned bad since vacay in the mountains in July is because it is fractured! What! Oh joy... now I get to spend the winter in a beautiful boot:) ugh!

Sheri Watson said...

Geesh! That is so not fair! I have to tell my 2 at home that there IS school everyday and hope they get something accomplished! Ok, that's not fair Issac is pretty good about his work. Liv not so much.... she did manage to get work done today after the incredible trauma of having braces put on this morning:) The child who has been begging for them and critiqueing her teeth constantly ...She doesn't like them and may just want to remove them. It's been 3 hours. Lord help me through the next "18-24 months" what were we talking about?! Sheri

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