Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Cell Phone Pic Memory Lane

I was flipping through the pics on my ancient cell phone today,
and realized I had a few that told quite a story!

So I posted them here for your amusement and mine.

This one perfectly sums up every single homeschool day we have.
Lucy in charge, Isaiah frustrated at the one in charge.

Oh my goodness gracious, this one speaks loudly of love.
When K-man and I were on the road to Colorado this summer
for our romantic get away,
we stopped at McD's for breakfast and saw this ADORABLE old couple,
sitting closey-close, enjoying their morning coffee.
I tell you what.
They were the cutest things I've seen in forever.
And madly in love, clearly.

And this is K-man and me IN Colorado at McD' our romantic get away.
He was on the phone.
We are so up and coming and very romantic!

Lucy and two of our kitty-kitties from a few months ago!

This is me clutching a bag of pork rinds on our way home from 
visiting Brenden at college.
I think my actions were perfectly acceptable in this situation.

This is me giving Lucy and Isaiah a ride back to the house from the mailbox.
They were thrilled by such excitement!

And this was my trek home from taking the kiddos to their homeschool classes last winter.

And that's the end of my cell-phone-pic stories!

What a great ride down memory lane.

Enjoy your Wednesday, friends!

*And for the record, I don't regularly eat at McD's...or pork rinds.
Carry on.


Natalie said...

The picture of your two kiddos doing school is a classic! I absolutely ADORE the shot of the couple at McD's. Love, love, love it!!

Vicky said...

I'm shocked to see that you eat pork rinds! Gross! Now McDonald's that's always my plan A, I mean B!

Susan A said...

I love the pic of lucy and Isaiah together, and what you shared about it :) and I loved the couple at mc donalds too!!! :D

hope everything is alright now from when you asked us to pray. may there be answers from heaven.

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