Tuesday, September 3, 2013

how to deal with stress {according to lucy}

Lucy came home from her homeschool group last week with this:

And then she posted it on my calk board.
MY chalk board!

What the heck?  
Does she think I'm stressed-out or something?
I have no idea where she got that idea.
This isn't stress, it's called, EVERYDAY LIFE.

Okay, fine.
Maybe I'll work on a few points on her list.



Karin said...

That's hilarious! Nice handwriting, though. :)

Vicky said...

Your house has to be so much fun!

Holly said...

Oh, goodness...that is so funny! And I agree, her handwriting is beautiful!

Jean said...

I noticed the handwriting too! Good job Lucy!

I 'm just wondering...
who's teaching who at your house!

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