Monday, September 2, 2013

hair-cut tutorial {sort of}

I'll be honest, this post didn't quite turn out the way I had it all planned out in my brain.
My photographer (Lucy) couldn't capture my vision for this project.
And being that I didn't want to ditch the entire thing over our creative differences,
I resisted the urge to stomp out of the room in a huff,
as most supermodels would, I went with the flow.
I'm a big girl that way.

(And it should be noted that I'm not sure how much longer Lucy is going
to continue to go along with my crazy blog-post ideas in which I need
her to photograph me.  We're nearing the end, I estimate.
Thank goodness I have Isaiah on the back-burner.)

Anyway, I had hoped to show you, step-by-step, just how easy it is
to give yourself a haircut.
But I'm not sure I've pulled it off.
My apologies.

Perhaps you'll be inspired anyway, somehow.  Perhaps.

And you'll have to weigh the risks for yourself.
I need-not spell out for you here the very many things that can go wrong
with such an endeavor.
I think you understand this.
Good luck.

Let's get started:

1.  Pitifully wash your own hair.
(Let it be noted that this part alone may be worth the price of a professional cut.)
(My arms and neck are always aching by the time I'm done.)
(But goodness, it's so handy to have my hair-washing sink!)
(This will be Lucy's new job once Isaiah takes over the photography.)

2.  Section off your hair, the best you can. 

3.  Grab a hand mirror.

4.  Steady yourself and start chopping!
(Watch in the mirror to ensure straight-cutting.)

5.  Then cut the rest of the sections.

6.  Cross your eyes and cut your bangs.
Here's the thing about cutting bangs...pull them out away from your face a bit,
and snip them vertically.  You'll end up with nice wispy bangs, instead of kindergarten bangs.

7.  Start trimming the layers, vertically if you can, to ensure less blunt results.
And smile!

8.  Contort yourself into such a fashion to cut the back layers.
This part isn't so easy.
But my theory is that as long as I can stage it to look good in the styling part, it's all good.

All done!!

Styled up and beautified.

The End.


Susan A said...

wow, that's amazing, Lori, just recently I was thinking of needing a haircut, and was planning on looking at do-it-yourself tutorials... and thought of you...

and guess what! you did a post on just that!!!

THANK YOU!!! I will make a blog post, before and after... and show you it I can ask my husband to take photos (will he??? let's find out! :D )

:) :)

p.s. oh by the way, today we were at walmart and bought us the diswasher scrubby thing that you cal fill in vinegar and blue dawn... I haven't filled it in yet, but I'm ready to fill it in and use it in our bathroom :)

Angie said...

Um.Yeah.I'd end up looking like a freak. Can you just do my cutting please? I'll handle the "smile" part! :)

dawn said...

Your hair looks amazing but without a shadow of a doubt, I would lose a finger.

Holly said...

Girlfriend.... whatever!! There is no way I would EVER be able to do that!! Amazingly awesome!

Madeleine said...

WOW! Label me : Totally impressed!

Vicky said...

Ok, you cook, make your own breads, brew your own vanilla and now this too! Really, over achiever comes to mind!

Your hair looks fabulous! Years ago when I had bangs, I cut them and I always ended up saying an ugly word and hiding a few days while they grew out!

You are totally amazing!

connie said...

Can you just come do my hair?!? I can't cut straight, even in front of me, let alone all tangled up like that. Beautiful!!!!

Karin said...

Um...I can't even do this to my kids' hair so there is no way I could do it to myself. You look amazing! So impressed that you do this yourself! :)

Tesseraemum said...

Umm, seriously? Just another reason why you're my hero! Who does that and winds up with such an awesome cut? I officially lost my clipper boy a couple of years ago. I think Olivia poisoned his mind but I can't prove it :(
Now we all go to gre#t clips. Ask me how that's working out...Sheri

Kristen said...

No way I could do this. Your hair looks amazing!

ourchinagirls said...

I trim one of our girls bangs..thanks for the idea of cutting them vertically. I will try this next time as she is almost 11 and the straight across bangs are looking too young.

As for my can read here:

My hair is compliments of chemotherapy for the time being. I am already stressing what to do with it when it starts growing back!

BTW...I am getting ready to use the vanilla...smells so good!! Thanks again!!

Faye Verquer said... are AMAZING!!! Gonna have to try this!

Jean said...

WOW! good job! You look great! I don't think I can do it but it sure what fun seeing you do it!!

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