Friday, August 2, 2013



I won't lie, re-entry from vacation has not been easy for me.
Suddenly cooking again,
dealing with daily drama (oh, the DRAMA!), and you know, keeping order in the household,
has been just no fun at all!

There really should be some sort of transitional stage when coming home from 
a dreamy vacation.

But one thing TRULY dreamy is that my peach trees are making...
How great and exciting is this?!!

It's simply so exciting to me, I can hardly stand it.

It is exactly this sort of thing that makes me happy beyond measure!
That, and vacation.
(Oh, vacation...where art thou?)

Alright, folks...have yourselves a super dreamy weekend, okay?
And if you get half-a-chance, swing by the Rocky Mountains for a little respite.
Truly, it will do your heart so GOOD.
While you're there, that is!

And eat a homegrown peach.



ourchinagirls said...

Thought maybe you had bought Colorado peaches!! Love me some peach cobbler with ice cream!

Karin said...

Luck-ey (said in a Napoleon Dynamite sort of way)....

Chris said...

Yaay for drama...we could probably stage an opera (?) is it opera I mean? with all the drama around here...think we could get together? You know you dared go away and indulge yourself for a few will PAY! Enjoy those peaches

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