Wednesday, July 31, 2013

you may be in western kansas....

A few Western Kansas observations...
(and I do mean a few)

(Sorry, you will probably have to click on the pic to see it larger, if you want.)
(We were speeding by at 80 mph.)
(I mean, 75 mph.)

"Largest prairie dog in the world..."
In Kansas, of course.

"Five Legged Steer..."  And more!

"Prairie Dog Town."
Well, yeah!

And much more.

Oil wells.


We love adoption here in Kansas.

Cattle.  Lots of cattle.

Oil wells.

We really love Jesus.

Drilling for MORE oil wells.
We are NOT afraid to drill, baby, DRILL.
We call that, being progressive Americans.

The Garden of Eden.
Did you know that was in Kansas?
(Neither did I.)

Windmills and hay bails.

And a whole lot of nothing.

I love Kansas!!


Anonymous said...

As a fellow Kansan, I love these sights. Have seen them many a time on the way to Colorado to visit my sister. Glad you had the trip and a good one at that! Lisa

Jean said...

Lots happening in SW Kansas!! And yes I did have to blow up the pics!!

Choate Family said...

The windmill farms are one of my favorite things about Kansas!

ourchinagirls said...

What no sunflower fields? And don't forget the weather! If you don't like it just wait an hour!!

Holly said...

LOL!!! :) I wished I lived there! And I've heard you have some twisters, too...

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