Monday, July 15, 2013

lori's ten monday musings

1.  I've already been so busy today.
I even got one shelf in my refrigerator sparkly clean.
(This is my new approach to cleaning the fridge, one shelf at a time.)
(And probably just one shelf a week.)
Hey, my new system is going to work perfectly for me, being that I have
some sort of Housework ADHD.

2.  I didn't wash my hair yesterday.
And I survived it.
I couldn't believe it because normally that's a sure-fire way to trigger my Hair-Washing OCD.
But I felt fine for 75% of the day.
What a big girl I am to endure such a hardship!

3.  I'm reading a new book that I love.
And I know you will too!
by Sophie Hudson
My summer reads have all been so light, fun, and uplifting.
And I just crack up constantly.
Goodness, that's refreshing, what with my Chronic Complaining issues and all.

4.   I am going to put the children in charge of some dinner prep.
(Shredding cheese, cooking chicken in the crock pot, etc., etc.)
That's a great idea, right?
Plus, it gives me a window of opportunity to sit and watch my stories uninterrupted.

5.  I'm down to one set of sheets for our bed.
Which really is fine.
It was sure nice to have an extra set though.
But being that K-Man stuck his big toe clean through the fitted sheet of my brown set
late the other night, we'll just have to get by with the aqua set.
Which doesn't go with my color scheme in the least.
But really, it's fine.
Far be it from me to be disgruntled over such a thing. 
Though I really did like that brown set.

6.  I'm going to Walmart here in just a little while, all by myself.
It's a little more expensive than professional therapy,
but I find it to be equally as effective.

7.  K-Man and I went on our usual Sunday afternoon date yesterday.
What a delight that man is!
He bought me a new tennis bracelet, a dozen roses, a mink coat.
And what I mean by all that is,
we went to Home Depot, Old Navy and Target.
And I got some furnace filters, two $6 t-shirts and a package of Hanes underwear.
The perfect date, I'd say!

8.  The smell of fresh school supplies is in the air and I couldn't be more stoked.
I think I will buy extras and melt it all down into a candle
so I can enjoy it all year-round.

9.  I love hay bales.

10.  Lest you think I was THE least bit serious about having another baby
as indicated in my post the other day, shame on you!
Goodness gracious, no way, no thank you.
And before we give the Good Lord the idea for something new to throw at me,
let's never speak of this again, alright?

I hope your Monday is completely dandy, start to finish!


Judi said...

Love your approach to cleaning the frig! I am doing my kitchen cabinets the same way - one at a time! I also think I suffer from housecleaning ADHD. Enjoyed looking around your blog. We also have a little girl from Zhongshan that we adopted in 2010.

Vicky said...

I still think you should reconsider the baby! (hehe)

Tesseraemum said...

I really need to start blogging....
Boy do I have a story to tell today! It involves my mother-in-law, my son (with a temporary drivers permit) and a shredded tire 30 miles from home. No injuries just a great story!! Love your stories! Sheri

Susan A said...

Whenever I see hay bales, it's evidence that giant rabbits have been around :)

just a joke my dad used to share with me :D

Karin said...

Hey! I cleaned part of my fridge too!!! Pretty sure we were separated at birth. Definitely no more babies. Wait for the grandchildren, I say. :). From what I hear, they are spectacular.

Chris said...

I clean my fridge the same way...wash under the milk jug...then under the ketchup.
Umm about those sheets, there are sewing machines out there...instead of the tennis bracelet.
Food prep, good idea, but dont' be surprised if it isn't done the way you envisioned...just sayin'
Our Wally world is stocking pencils as well...I will need to keep Hope away until I'm ready to buy school supplies
Crazy Monday to you too...rats it's Tues already

Janet said...

I could live with one set of sheets for me. But not for the kids. I put the fresh set on before I ever bring the dirty ones down to the wash. I couldn't do without...because sometimes it takes a whole week for those sheets to make it back upstairs!

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