Friday, July 19, 2013

Brenden's Home {sometimes}

 So.  Brenden has been home this summer.
Sort of.
Between trips to see his lovely girlfriend, his job that takes him out of town, and his high school friends,
he hasn't been home very much at all.
But when he is, he's all in.
Which is fun!

And today he was home and asked for a haircut.
It wasn't a major change in style, but still, his girly-friend wanted a picture.
Isn't that adorable?
It sure is.

So we set out for a photo-shoot and took no less than 347 pictures.
And me, being the world's most awful photographer (no really, it's true...just ask Brenden, he will tell you),
came up with this:

And though it's blurry, I do hope you'll appreciate my epic ability to get myself in the picture.
That's how I roll, man.

Good heavens, it's time for me to get some sort of life.


Angie said...

It's always a good thing for the girly-friend to know that Mama's got his back!

Karin said...

Now that is the most interesting way I've seen someone take a selfie. Agree with Angie that girlfriend needs to see Mama. :)

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