Thursday, July 4, 2013

independence day, baby!

Happy Independence Day, friends!

I truly hope you are reflecting on and savoring in our freedoms in this,
We are a blessed nation, like none other.
And we need to regularly be on our knees in thanksgiving to our Creator,
and in desperate plea to protect those God-given freedoms.

Our day, thus far, has been uneventful.
And that's okay by me.
I am enjoying the down-time!

I cut some of my hydrangeas to put in a jar because I just could't resist them any longer.

 And as my summer lethargy continues,
we bought a pool!
(Is it just me, or are we devolving in this situation?)
Twelve bucks, baby!
And the kids are having a blast. 

Of course, this budget-friendly liquid entertainment only satisfies the boredom of
two little ones, leaving any big people to fend for themselves.
And that's fine by me.
Anyone old enough work, I'm not responsible for.
That's my new standard.

And here is my perch.  By the pool.  With a drink.  My Kindle, filled with books.
And some Vitamin D therapy.
It's sooooo good.

And above all else, K-Man is smoking some chicken.
Now THAT, says Fourth of July.

Swing by for some chicken and a dip in the pool!

1 comment:

Karin said...

Amen! :) Happy 4th of July to you!

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