Tuesday, July 2, 2013


I am sitting here in a summertime funk.  All the extreme ambition I had built up during the school year when I had nearly zero time to tackle big projects,...well, it's gone now...now that I have plenty of free-time.  I've concluded that without structure, I am nothing more than a puddle of pudding.  Mindless, lifeless, and delicious.

I tell you all that to keep you from judging me as I indulge in some much-needed Dorito therapy while I type this. Just in case there is an orange-cheesy residue that you detect smudged on this post, you'll know why.  All the while, as you know, I'm eliminating processed foods from our home.  The irony is not lost on me.

We have however made some lasting memories this summer.  And to boot, I found a way to completely avoid the public pool.  Let me show you:

Look at the children, so happy at Driveway Splash Land USA.
And look at my still-blackened toenail from dropping a bookend on it while putting up the Christmas tree. It's the gift that just keeps on giving.  Christmas in July, if you will.

Here are the kids taking a dive into the deep end.  They've always been so brave and adventurous!

Watch out for that waterfall! 

Time to fill up the pool again.

Easy there, little guy.  The lifeguard will getcha for being rowdy.

And this is the look of a summertime mom.
I call it, Coo-Coo Sunning Herself.


Good heavens, send in a rescue team immediately.

I'll wait here.



Anonymous said...

I love it ALL! And I can relate to ALL of it! You just made my its-summertime-and-now-im-completely-unmotivated day! C

Jen said...

I couldn't agree more, with you and "anonymous". I had such grand and glorious plans of moving EVERYTHING out of each room and "deep cleaning" this summer. Well, here it is July 2nd and I've hardly dusted or vacuumed the surfaces of any room! And after all that fantastic cleaning, I had stellar plans of taking the girls and "doing" something fun on the days we couldn't get out in the pool. Guess what.........? Yep, you got it.


Chris said...

Ugh you mean I'm not the only one? I should be keeping those teen -aged boys busy and I too had grand plans to teach the girls new skills and yes the house was going to stay neat all week...what with all this help 24/7. I think we have about 6 weeks till I need to get my schedule set in time for school to start...

Karin said...

I'm cracking up!! And so glad I'm not the only one who makes the kids play with water in the driveway. :)

Patty said...

Bahaha! Well girl, ya do what ya gotta do. You are looking fabulous out there sunning yourself. Last year, around this time, I was headed to see you. Wish I was doing the same this year!

Natalie said...

I'm right there with you on this one! I'll probably get motivated to tackle some big project about 2 days before we need to start school and then I won't want to start school. Every year it is the same thing and I never learn!

Janet said...

I'm with you Ms. pudding. Although I have been diagnosed with Fibromyagia--so I have an excuse!, or at least I can lay the blame there.
I have an extra person here, so it just messes up everything!- I exaggerate. Can't wait til my oldest gets in her house--and outa mine!

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