Friday, July 12, 2013

how it all began...{Colorado, here we come!}

In exactly two weeks the K-Man and I leave for a much-needed vacation.

Just K-Man and me.

And as I've casually mentioned recently, my sanity could use the respite.
Not that I'm complaining or anything.
Far be it from me to complain.

We are going to Colorado, which holds some very special memories for us, K-Man and me.
It's where we met, when I was all of 15-shiny-years old.
And it's also where we got engaged, when I was a glossy-18-years old.

Goodness, I still remember coming back to high school that February 1987, with my
sparkly-naive engagement ring and proudly showing it to my typing & business teachers.
They seemed so happy for me.
And the sense of dread I picked up in their undertones, didn't set me back one skip.
I was IN LOVE and unstoppable.
But of course, now that I'm 44, I understand their hesitation. God bless them.

 Homemaking was in my blood from the get-go.
Here is a picture of me with one of my very best life-long friends in Home-Ec class, Lori Anne.
Thank goodness my posture has improved since then.
Though the daggers coming out of my eyeballs have not.
This photo really does beg for a caption, doesn't it?

So here we are, K-Mand and me, 25+ years later, married still, and going back to where it all began.
And we'll be footloose and fancy free in just two short weeks.
To re-discover Colorado.
And each other!
Who knows, maybe we'll decide to have another baby.
I sometimes really feel the need for another baby made by the two of us.
You know, a little bio caboose to bring up the rear of our crazy-train.

Good heavens, somebody stop me now.


Vicky said...

Wow, love the hair! Okay ... another baby...very interesting! Waiting patiently for the big Lori style announcement!

Lori Anne said...

Oh my friend! That is a FLASHBACK! We were something else.
You and K-Man are an exceptional couple who started early but with great guidance and plans that would see you through to this point and into the decades to come.

Patty said...

Girl, don't tempt me to drive on over there and distract you from those little caboose plans! You won't be that far away, imagine the look on Kelly's face when in walks Polly. Oh the joy of it!

Chris said...

Well, let's brother and his wife are having their 11th child, they are about your why not? it would give Lucy something to do.

the vacation sounds wonderful, who are you leaving in charge? Lucy or Macy?

Tesseraemum said...

Fun! Have a great time!
Hey, a baby would be great! A friend of mine is a late in life baby. Her dad is pushing 90 and he's just starting to loose it! Her mom on the other hand... Only kidding! She is in even better shape! Just put a call in to the stork. I keep saying I would LOVE it if the stork would drop a baby off on the doorstep but so far no luck!
With regards to whom to leave in charge, go with the dog. Sheri

Faye Verquer said...

OH Lori...don't tease us like that!!! HOW FUN a new baby would be for all of you, I can just see your blogging now!! You make me laugh daily, I appreciate that greatly. I keep thinking another baby would be so fun...then I remember sleepless nights, crying all day/night (from me not the baby!!) and just gathering everything to go out the door and realize that wont be happening!!! Good luck to you though if you decide to do that!!!!


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