Friday, June 14, 2013

crazy hair design {help needed}

There are good things and bad things when it comes to having a big family.

One of the few bad things is,
bathrooms fill up quickly, often leaving little people needing to be resourceful.
For example, a certain man-child might or might not have to utilize
the great outdoors.
(We are country folk, remember that.)
And, comb his hair after shower time in the entry-way of the house.

As you can tell, he's all upset about this.

But that's okay.
Because it gives him great inspiration for creative hair design.

Good heavens.

Crazy children.

Doing crazy things.

To a crazy lady's hair.

Beauty has been redefined.

Here's a few things I've learned from this series of photos:

1.  Roots.  Retouch them immediately.

2.  Get going on Dave Ramsey's financial planning to save for Botox.

3.  Never let a camera this near to me ever again.  Ever.

And in all hopes of not having those images burned into your retinas,
here is a cute kitten video. 


Joy said...

Oh how I wish I lived closer. I would take the black / white tuxedo one. I have one just like it, tapping at my hands while I type this. He was looking at the screen when I played the video of you saying "kitty kitty kitty." :-)

Chris said...

Roots? what roots...I don't let people take pictures when I get my hair done....I just wish I had the thick hair you do....I think Hope pulled a lot of it out when she "did my hair" and I lost the rest with the next 3 'pregnancies'

Madeleine said...

Um. I love this post. Too.

I love your family.

And you look fabulous. ( Read it with that wonderful accent that guy used to use way back when. Oh wait, I am older than you. Whatever.

You look fa-bu-lous!!!

Patty said...

Bahahaha.... That.Is.Awesome!

LedaP said...

I don't know if you ever followed my blog when we adopted Faith, but this is how she first bonded with me. Doing my hair. And since she came to us at 9 years old kicking, screaming and crying...I was pretty much ready to let her do anything that made her happy. So, not only did I get a new hairstyle everyday with bows, clips, ponytails on top of my head, braids and more...but I got to wear it the entire day touring with our group. The other parents in our group quite enjoyed my various hairstyles everyday to say the least (and we were all saying Faith was probably telling her friends in Chinese [and laughing] that this crazy/stupid American woman adopting her lets her make her hair look ridiculous and wears it!)

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