Wednesday, May 22, 2013

shiny-glittery-organized people

It is my deepest heart's desire to be one of those 
 organized people.
One of those people who can't walk by a stack of papers
without frantically filing them in their rightful place, right away.
The kind of person who has their tupperware sorted by color, shape, and size...
and never lets it change from that state.  Ever.
Plain and simply, they glow, angelically. 

Well, I'm not sure I'll ever get to that level of organization, this side of eternity.

But I reallllly want to.
But I won't, I'm sure.
But I try.

I classify myself as sort of a, lazy unmotivated perfectionist.

However, one thing I am pretty obsessed with keeping neat, tidy and organized
is my grain and seeds.

Oh, you too?

I have small amounts stocked in my kitchen,
ready for me to pulverize them into something wonderful!
It's all beautifully displayed in glass jars.
And that, my friends, makes my heart so very happy.

Here's a pic just after I topped everything off...

They stay all cozily nestled on my kitchen island shelves.

And believe it or not, I go through this stash pretty darn fast.

As for the bigger bulk of my grain,
I keep it down in the storage room in our cool/dry basement.
(Yes, that's wheat gluten you see to the left.  I am NOT anti-gluten, as is the trend.)
(Maybe we'll talk about that one day soon.)

That's really fun, right?
(I need to get our more, clearly.)

Now, if only I could work my way through the stacks of papers on my desk,
get my laundry put away, straighten up our schoolroom, and keep my toenails polished.

Shiny-glittery-organized person wanted for the above job description.
Pay rate: Copious amounts of granola and unlimited words of affirmation.

Thank you for this much-needed therapy session.


Susan A said...

I would love to come and help tidy things up! :)

Chris said...

I'd be no help. But how do you keep those nice glass jars from being knocked off your kitchen island?

Karin said...

Who has time to be THAT organized?! :) ha!! And I'm with do you keep those glass jars from being knocked off your island?

Tesseraemum said...

I used to be that organized and clean! Then the kids came along and for awhile I could keep up even keep the garage so clean the neighbors said you could eat off the floor. Sadly, now I can't clean a room and walk out of it before its a hot mess:) Sheri

Janet said...

I, too, am worried about the jars slightly hanging over the edge.
I am pretty organized. I have kitchen stock, laundry room larger stock (Sam's animal cookie tubs with sugar, etc. most things from 50 lb bags)and mega stuff- like 5 gallon buckets, in the basement. It does drive me crazy though--that I ran out of room and my extra rice has to live in the foyer closet.

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