Tuesday, May 21, 2013

homemade roller skates

When Isaiah is left alone with his imagination,
I never know just what he'll come up with.
Sometimes it's messy.
Sometimes it's hilarious.
Always, it's creative.

And here's what he thought up the other day.

Roller skates.
Made out of building blogs.
(Am I the only one here seeing a budding engineer?)

Take a look: 

Then it was time to try them out.
Deep breath, everyone.

Wait for it...

The inevitable is about to....


Oh my.
That was good.

Thankfully, he's agile, too.
So he caught himself before his skinny little butt hit the floor.

Lesson learned,
turn off the TV and let your kids create the most crazy things!

And always, ALWAYS, have your camera ready to go.


Chris said...

Give him scotch tape and -well maybe this is more Lucy's thing- but those Duplo's can be taped to the bottom of shoes and ta-da! high heels

Natalie said...


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