Sunday, May 19, 2013

gun show

My littlest man,
Isaiah Jack Dong Ji.

He is small in stature and giant in personality.
Boy, is he ever!

And he has made it his mission to grow up to be big and strong.

Here's a pictorial of his workout the other night:

Good heavens!!
Look at those ribs.  My gracious, people.  Please know that this kid
eats ALL THE TIME.  He eats and eats and EATS.
I even give him extra healthy fats at every chance I get.
Maybe one of these days it will all
catch up and we'll end up with a well-padded boy.

He is one funny little man.
And I think his guns are massive, don't you?


Angie said...

Oh, how he reminds me of my Charlie...strong in personality, spirit, and not an ounce of chub on him! God has big plans for our boys!

acceptance with joy said...

cute! I have two skinny minis that I feed.... It never shows.

Holly said...

Too cute!! And, Sarah eats constantly and never gains a pound, either. My Korean friend told me it's an Asian thing!

Karen Davis said...

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