Saturday, May 18, 2013

dysfunctional feline

Is it wrong for one to pray that a fellow gal would be barren?
You know, because you know she's just not ready to have babies,
yet, you know she's "active"?

Is that so wrong?

Wait, before you start thinking I'm twisted, and the friends I run with are twisted,
I'm not talking about any of my human gal-pals.
I'm talking about our cat.

We got two cute little kitties last spring and now they're grown up,
doing grown-up things.

We kept intending to get Daisy fixed.
But, you was number 478 on my to-do list. 
And as of right now, I'm only on #17.

So every time I saw her outside, I just prayed that she wouldn't get pregnant.
Somehow it made perfect sense to me at the time,
but as I'm writing it out,
it seems a bit dysfunctional and delusional.
(I'll bring that up with my therapist at my next session.)

So, to get to the point of this post,
God did not intervene with this law of nature that He put into place, as it turned out.

And we now have a litter of kittens!

Daisy's nestled all nicely way under out front porch with her sweet fur-ball babies.
We have to get low to the ground with a flashlight to take a looksy.

Oh, and that's Dino taking a look, too.
He's the father.
And the brother.


My next giveaway!
Free kittens!
Everyone who has ever commented on my blog in the past
will be entered!
You don't have to do a thing.

You're welcome!

(Just kidding about that last part.)

*My apologies for any feathers I ruffled over this post.
I do have every intention to get Daisy fixed after she has weaned her
sweet kittens.  This is just life in the country, folks.


Chris said...

my comment disappeared. so here goes again. I'm pretty sure it is illegal to ship a kitten the whole way to PA..just sayin'. BTW this whole thing is one law of nature you can't change or control.

Jen said...

I remember you telling me you couldn't ship "baked goods" to me in Indiana.......pretty that would apply to Daisy's as well!

Sue Mom of Two said...

Must be illegal to ship to Illinois, too...I'm sure. And illegal to ship to a family that already has 2 cats, one of which is definitely not friendly to other cats. Just sayin'

Kerry said...

Your posts make me laugh out loud! If I am in need of a pick me up I just read your blog. Thank you! Oh and I will take a kitten if you will trade for a dog.

Jean said...

Hahahaha- you make me smile and laugh!

We did that with gerbils and ended up with 3 blind mice and three sighted mice... They were the meanest creatures in the world. We had to wear leather garden gloves to hold them and sometimes they bit right through them!

Hope your kittens are nicer than our mice!

Jean said...

I'll take one kitten and give you two children...

okay, just kidding- before someone arrests me!

Tesseraemum said...

Hey, in the olden days they shipped livestock and children !!
How would you like to be a mom back then? Put your kid on the train with the postage pinned to his jacket and then wait 3 months for a letter from Uncle Fred saying he arrived safely. Geesh.
Do they have online courses on how to spay and neuter?

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