Thursday, April 25, 2013

messy {or formal!} bun

If you or your daughter(s) have long hair,
a really fun and easy style is just minutes away!
And how especially wonderful on a hot summer day.
(The heat is coming! Blah.)

Take a look at this super quick video to show you exactly how to do it!
(Be sure to watch to the end for a sweepstakes entry.)

So easy, right?!

And if you want to kick it up a notch,
just back-comb the crown area and take your time strategically pinning
the loops for a very formal look.
Perfect for a prom or wedding up-do!

(This is Sarah's prom do)

Practice, practice, practice!
You can do it!

(And I'll give you a professional hint, sometimes it's easier to work
with hair that's a little dirty rather than freshly washed.)


Janet said...

Looks great. Have ya'll tried the Lilla Rose flexi-clips? The actually stay in Chinese hair, we love them.

Tesseraemum said...

Cute! Do I have a girl for you! Have I mentioned my hair/makeup obsessed older version of Lucy?! She sits and watches cute girl hairstyles on youtube for hours. Don't judge my parenting skills. One of her friends has had her do her hair for a pagent like thing and a dance competition!
This is definately NOT a talent she has learned from her mother! My general rule is if you can't brush out your hair without making a fuss its time for a pixie. No muss no fuss. I'm bringing her along!! Shoot, I might even leave her with you! No need to thank me. sheri

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